I always told my mom that there was a monster under my bed. She of course never believed me,she always said that i had an over imagination. She gave me a night light so the monster would go away,but that never helped,it just angered her. There was nothing I could do to get rid of this monster,so I ignored it,I listened to music every night so I couldn’t hear the screams. I’m 16 now,the monster is still there,although it’s not under my bed anymore. The monster is and always has been in my head. Everyday this monster yells at me telling me things that make me want to cry. I can’t run like I used to. It follows me everywhere,even when I sleep it follows. The only thing I can do is listen to music for my escape. Mother still thinks i’m lying,but she still gives me the medicine to make the monster go away.  Only because the doctor says to. The medicine doesn’t help,it just makes it worse. I've never seen my monster before only things i have made up in my mind. She controls me,everything I do she makes me do,and if I don’t do it? She hurts me. She punishes me until I can no longer cry and until I can no longer stay awake. I’m never alone,this monster is always in my head yelling at me telling me how worthless I am,telling me how I messed up the events of that day. I woke up today,feeling  a little better, I smiled,mother was happy. The day was better than usual,something had to be wrong. I got home from school,there was a man, and no mom. She was gone. She left me. The mann took my mom away from me. I was in my room,arguing with my monster,today I saw her. I looked in the mirror and realized it was me,i’m the monster in my head. I cried until I no longer had tears. I made up my mind with what I was going to do. Today I never woke up.


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