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What we have

Is perfect.


In its imperfection.

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Crowded, cozy bar


Hips bump


Accidentally on purpos

Just for the contact

The human contact






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who wonders

do any of them 

miss me?

do they regret 

that which never happened 

do they remember? 



it's probably just me

who does 


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tell me

Is there anything that hurts more

than to know 

you mean nothing 

to the person who

means so much

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is there

is there something that hurts more

than to discover 

that you meant nothing 

to someone 

who meant everything to 


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I should have gone to a movie

I should have stayed home

I should not have messaged him

I should not have bought more wine

I should have exercised

I should have painted

I should not have expected more

I should not have cried

I should 

get it together 

masturbate more

floss daily 

move on

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The pull 

the draw

is powerful

and real


if he said, "meet me"


I'd go.

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The Wonder

your meaty, warm hand on the side of my face

even in the dark of your room, I knew you were looking directly

into my eyes

I felt them

I felt your amazement

toward me.






we talked for hours

we laughed

you shared precious, personal, pieces of your soul

with me

one tiny tear escaped your right eye

you say you laugh so you won't cry, b...

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The Company you Keep. The Girl You Don't.

I'm not the girl you marry.


I'm the girl

you have the affair with

after you are married.

when things get



I kiss you because I want to

not because it is routine



I kiss you because I want you


I suck you because

it needs

to be sucked

not because

it's Wednesday and it's date night


that is why you seek me ou...

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