I See What Is To Happen (11/8/2017)

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I'm Terrified

I’m scared that this is who I will be from now on

I’m afraid of what I might become

I’m scared that I’ll never have a healthy relationship

I’m afraid of losing everything again

I’m scared that any person who comes close to me will hurt me

I’m afraid of being isolated

I’m scared that I may be better off alone

I’m afraid of these thoughts racing

I’m scared that I have to scream to be heard

I’m afraid of not being enough

I’m scared that I’m too much

I’m afraid of moving onward

I’m scared that I’m stuck here

I’m afraid of what’s next

I’m terrified of the recurring idea

That this is all in my head

heartbreaki didn't know what to do to keep youi knew i was losing youi wish you didn't have to push me awayscaredterrified

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