Not This Way (Z) (11/20/17)

I still scroll your page

Keeping my distance

I cry, but not because I'm hurt

My tears are for you

My hope is for you

My person is better for loving you

So for that, if that person isn't me for you

Acceptance is necessary

You are my life, my soul, my love

I never cared if others are in your life

As long as they made you happy

I guess I'm just sad

That I can no longer make your heart sing

You hurt so much

I know that pain

My ability to put myself aside for you

Is unmatched

You are the most important person in my life

My longest friend

My longest lover

I know you never meant to hurt me

Or anyone

I forgave you before you apologized

Oh, my love,

You deserve every kindness

and I gave you very little in the end

Miscommunication can be damaging

We never meant to hurt each other

Lovers never do

You are worth more than I can give

But give me a chance


Just talk to me

I don't to lose you

Not this way

Not ever

but pleasei don't hate youi love youlovepleasepromisetake your timezachpolypolyamorous

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