De Jeune


Sometimes, inspiration and imagination have strange effects.


De Jeune


Swallows dive, swoon

like wind-swayed ink drops

down, and beyond the light:


swallowed by the sky,

flown blue, over

road-birds – honed

by simple flight.


Like arrows in Canada

in thunderhead afternoons:

clouds rolling, rutting hinds

in migration, pounding sand-trails,

pulsing ozone heat mirage;


running the burning drifters down

in Autumn sleet

to De Jeune,

waiting in the wheat haze;


dizzying with prospects of hail

on harvests of dust,

headers lash at cumulo-nimbus

flat against the round horizon:


as the gaze returns

to the eyes – in the smile

of De Jeune, steel and willow,

waiting in the wheat haze.


Chris Hubbard. Perth, 1995


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