I'll get back to you

Five words can be all it takes to set your mind at ease for a while.

Great, I'm not forgotten you'll think.

I am of interest.


But time passes.


Time heals all wounds?

Time brings with it opportunity for worry.

Time is the enemy of the impatient.

Time feeds the anxious like oxygen feeds a flame, fuelling the panic until it burns so brightly it consumes everything in its path.


Time breeds questions.

How long has it been?

Is this appropriate?


Time breeds contempt.

I'm sure I'm still important to them, they're just busy with other things right?

What could they possibly be doing that's more important to them than me.

How much longer must I wait?


Time is a great healer, but my time is running out.

This happens time and time again.


Five words can be all it takes to send a restless mind into turmoil.


Do I only have myself to blame for this unrest?

I'll get back to you.

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