The Theif, The Craftsman, The Artist, The Liar.

I'm afraid to kiss you
Because of the fear of being left breathless
Gasping for air 
The theif you are stealing life from my lungs

I'm afraid to leave you
Because without you near I'd surely fall apart
Picking up the pieces 
The craftsman you are, putting me back together

I'm afraid to be loved by you 
Because of the unrealistic, idealistic picture you paint of me
Every brush stroke
The artist that paints in dissappointment of who I really am

I'm afraid to trust you
Because of the words you whisper late at night 
I love you more
The liar that insists in the false reality in which you could ever love me more


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Martin Elder

Thu 21st Dec 2017 20:34

Nick what a wonderful poem and a very real image of self deprecating love.
love it

Sidra Shahid

Tue 28th Nov 2017 13:51

Beautiful 😍

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