The sky so blue
Like crepe Robin eggs 
Thinly stretched 
A crown about clouds
Atop that hunched dome
Lies space
Familiar but foreign, too
Stars waiting to catch glimpses of us
When earth yet rolls over
And exposes her bare peaks
Comets and asteroids streak 
Gallactic Toms peeping in 
Hoping to behold cavernous regions
Tucked in steamy, moist forests
Envious of the tentacles,
Antenna and butterfly wings 
That daily caress their love
They live in the blue globe's peripheral 
Tales lit like fireworks 
Milky Way mating display
Hoping, hoping
For the chance
To slam into her
Plunge deep
Bury themselves 
Leaving stardust seeds
Last gasp and heave 
Receding like spent geysers 

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Ja'Net McDonald

Sat 3rd Mar 2018 06:21

Thank you so much! I will look up the egg. You've made me curious. Oh, and I checked out some of your pieces. Pretty dope. Makes me want to know more about you, what shaped you as a writer. Anyhoo, thank you for your interest. All the best to you!

Big Sal

Fri 2nd Mar 2018 23:56

More good reads. You should look for the sky in an Araucana egg, so many hues of beauty in nature, it's impossible to capture them all - good choice of words here.

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