Traveling with you


from the line of approach
I see the beginning and end
vibrant colors and height
I estimate on fingers


emerging from the cockpit
you're inviting me in
assuring me of efficiencies
swallowing time and distance


cocktails of emotions

excitement and dread
we look at each other
and start to swim


overland, underwater
through dimensions
how were we still

for such a long period


returning to the beginning
we feel somewhat different
carrying it all with us
in our empty hands

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Kaitlyn Pair

Fri 3rd Nov 2017 14:41

I think this poem is sweet. It makes me think of seeing a loved one after a long time of them being gone. Seeing bright colors as the happiness that shines from within them. When it says "swallowing time and distance" , I understand the feeling of being so far from someone for quite a bit of time. That time and distance means nothing when they are very close at heart and you care tremendously about them. It's exciting, and overwhelming all at once because they will have to go back sooner or later.. In the last stanza it is basically saying they now have to part from each other , "returning to the beginning , we feel somewhat different. Carrying it all with us in empty hands." They can not stay together, they have to return to their own home and empty handed. Without one another. But just because they leave does not mean that the memories do.

I really like this poem and the meaning that I personally took from it because I can relate on a personal level of having someone I love be so far away. It's great to have them back but they'll have to leave again.

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