Zen Reflexions

To discern

                our place

To commune

To see

                beyond our close shadow of death

To focus

                my poet mind

I need direction

                a qibla

Or some beads to tell

                to take refuge from my life:

A candle flame

Only the candle



A journey into quietude


Into that silence

                comes tranquillity

And the absence of words

Serenity beyond words:

                I become sentient -

                conscious of only this moment in the flame of a grain of sand

                                Of the sun shining through golden autumn trees

                                Of the clearing mists

                                dissolving in the valley and above the hills

                                giving way to rain that fills the sky

                                so that the branches droop, dripping

                                as the wind rustles the upper boughs

                                and drops spatter on the window glass.

                                Of love


Perhaps, now, I am no longer physical

                But have become a spiritual being

                having a human experience


                And in the writing

                                the words return



◄ Above the Valley

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 3rd Nov 2017 19:50

Great conclusion. I was just thinking that the theme had somehow 'flipped over' when you concluded with three great lines which made me really smile. Ah, poets, and the need for 'words'.

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