Love passes with time

Time passes on and on

Every second that has gone

Having you by my side

Love you gave me never seemed to die

With time that flew

With every kisses u blew

You had always been mine…..


Wanted to hold your hand the day I saw

You sitting in the middle of all

Had no voice to say hi

Couldn’t move to say

Whatever deep inside my heart that lay

Only looked at your face on and on

That whole day

Wished you simply could have been mine…..


Then that day finally came

When at first we spoke

All I have felt at last could be said

Love at first sight had been the start

Each and every day after that

Had always been the same


Days passed and that day came

Lovely hands of yours met mine

We talked for the first time

When you beauty is all that I had seen

All that I found is your love deep within



Then love came our first date

It was worth a wait

Because we finally went together after several months of knowing each other

And leaving everything in our fate

The kiss that day

Is worth all that I have

Even more than my own life can pay


Each and every day

After that that came

You have only been that one

That stayed in my heart

Every Moring, night and dawn

You gave me hope

You gave me happiness

You gave me a meaning to live for

To be alive and born again


I love you more that I can say

That is why its so hard for me to be away and stay

This are my words that came from my heart

Where I have a garden ready

Where one day we will finally be one

Where both of our hearts will lay…..



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Hannah Collins

Sun 19th Nov 2017 22:25

Beautiful writing.


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