Vicious Cycle

Suburban life awakens in a
super output area of deprivation
According to the statisticians index
this place has to be the pits
of the earth in isolation 

Children void of early morning food
plead with parents
to get them to school
but know that they
will again fail to be heard
above the noise of the wind
rain and someone taking the blame
for how things remain
in a grey and black world
of cigarettes and beer
with nothing to cheer

Form filling for those
who understand the system
no money is to hand
but they still get Brahms and Liszt
claiming they’re skint
On that they vehemently insist

Having to feel like a fraud
or a scrounger
To those who suspect
mistrust or worse
Tipping out pockets
and emptying the purse
is no blessing just a curse.

Crisis loans only ache
the bones of those in debt
with needs not met
so a trip to the food bank
is again the only option
other than the fostering out
of the kids or adoption 

So it all starts over
from the very beginning
as the system’s still winning
meaning we are the losers
as apposed to the choosers.
Vicious circle
         Vicious cycle
                  Vicious circle

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Fred Varden

Sun 19th Nov 2017 23:13

Thanks Hannah. My own community and upbringing was the inspiration here, life can be cruel for the have nots.

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Hannah Collins

Sun 19th Nov 2017 15:24

An important piece giving a clear picture of how life is lived by many.
These things need to be said and I am so glad I have read this.


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