From Here to Hades

Battle scarred and weary
We all board the final ferry
Prices and tolls paid in full
On the ferry's oars we pull
The oars dip with hardly a splash
It's wooden prow cuts a path
Through waters dark and obsidian
Swimming with souls no longer living
Features distorted by every ripple
Obscene gesticulation of the sinful
Displayed as if by bioluminescence
Bluish green light that never ends
Plotting the Ferryman's course
This ethereal river will soon be crossed
In the distance small points of light appear
Growing in size as they draw closer
Borne aloft on bat like wings
Fluorescent gossamer soulless beings
The very Denizens of Hades all
Removing the remnants of our souls
The ferry halts with a final lurch
Grounded upon a bone strewn beach
Gangplank lowered to the dark cold shore
We disembark with trepidation and fear
Which disappears with each heavy step
The penultimate destination of our trip
Marching in rank and file
Done now our participation in time
In some dark place we can all meet
Finally to rest in peace

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◄ Another one from the crazy dream collection ( as yet untitled)

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