We are All Actors

Shakespear said that "we are all actors and life is just a play,
We are living our lives according the set points of the writer, everyday!"
I haven't yet figured out the genre of my life,
I don't know if it will be comic or tragic or artful or satiric!
Act 82: She is 70 years old, nose still too big and ears still too small for her face,
Her mind still works the same way, her purse still has pepper spray n mace!
She is sitting on a park bench; alone, as she observes the girl sitting in front of her,
She was holding a copy of 'Persuasion', burrying her eyes in the book,
She went down to her, brows furrowed and took a deep breath,
"The real world doesn't have any Captain Wentworths," she said, "believe me, I have loved him to death!"
The little girl looks up at her, perplexed, irritated and probably disgusted,
As she tries to stand up on her weary legs and the knees that were now rusted!
Act 45: She realized today that she is just a girl. 
A paper doll, a wax figure, a porceline pot,
Always too much but never enough!
Act 30: And the girl and the boy had the perfect wedding. They were meant to live happily ever after!
Act 38: When he lost his words to justify his actions, he hit her,
And she took it in, knowing its just a perk of being a girl!
Act 39: She didn't recognize the coward staring at her in the mirror,
As she scoffed at her teenage self being so sure that she would break the chains n be a tiger,
Instead of a mouse, the mouse she had now become!
Act 14: The girl just blew the candles on her 18th birdthay as she saw all her friends clapping, laughing all around her,
The rose petals on the table encircling the cake look like a fragrent pool of blood to her,
She wished for the things that she couldn't even name,
But they all cheered as if everything inside her was the same,
As her expressions!
She laughed with them!
Act 17: She is more mature now. There wasn't any cake to cut at her 19th birthday,
The people around her were busy in their hard routine of everyday!
She had waited till the clock struck twelve, for no apparent reason,
Just to see if the storms inside her could calm down and stop sentencing her for treason!
Act 81: She realized just now, that she had been an ungrateful person,
She had friends who loved her, family that would die for her, and things that made her living so much easier than many!
So she repented!
Went to everyone she could remember and thanked them! 
And that night, she slept peacefully!
Act 49: The girl and the boy are never to see each other again,
She had had enough and so she decided it to end!
Act 55: She is sitting on a park bench, nose, still too big n ears still too small for her face,
She realized today that the pageant sash of 'feminism' across her shoulder was worn out, denying its base!
So she took it off, knowing it is of no use,
And left it there for someone like her to find!
Act 83: The girl - well, she is dead, and all thats left is the burnt out pages of her journals and all the unfinished tasks that she had left, that would probably remain that way,
To remind them of her, one or the other day!
Act 1: In a house made with love and sacrifice, the firecrackers of hope and happiness are making their way to the sky,
As the inhabitants of that heaven welcome a baby girl, who by the way, would not stop her cry!
Shakespeare said that we are all actors and our lives are all plays,
I wonder if mine is entertaining enough to make someone laugh, in their busy hard day!

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