You're Fizzy

You’re fizzy


You’re fizzy like an alka-seltzer

All elastic, little belter,

Plastic fantastic, helter skelter

Spacey one, you moon of delta.


Short of fuse, a pocket rocket

Soothing words just like a locket

Fit my spade you yellow bucket

My mind is full, but you unblock it.


Pack a punch, sting like a bee,

Sharp and bristly, holly tree,

Grab your rose, the thorn hurts me,

Ice queen, melting into sea.


Sparkly eyes, diamond shining

Pressure fracking, deep pit mining

Gentle power, both combining,

Clouds my mind with silver lining.


Steam train huffing puffing smoking

Hokey cokey okey doking

Knock knock punchlines, always joking

Silly billy, facebook poking.


Give me strength, keep up the battle,

Storms may roar and winds may rattle,

People talk and tittle tattle,

Think in herds like lowing cattle.


The story’s long, like Jackanory

Now all is well and hunky dory,

Banging on with what’s the story,

Evening sun and morning glory.


It’s time to no more dilly dally,

Feeling weak, all peely wally.

Mountain high and low the valley,

Hit the ball, keep up the rally.


Spin me round you fidget spinner

La-di-da from lost to winner.

Angel eyes, my heart a sinner.

Take my soul, now life is thinner.




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Hannah Collins

Sun 19th Nov 2017 20:39

Wow, that vocabulary.
Love this poem.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 5th Nov 2017 08:41

love it Mike - one of those poems I imagine is difficult to stop writing when the mind is in full flow. Col.

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