Invisible ? Ghost Writer

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{Invisible ? Ghost Writer} 


The background scenes of a ? ghost writer that is transparent and so invisible to the outside world around her as she keeps her invisible identity hidden beyond the fences of her ghostly safety because she has been abused, beaten, verbally abused at the hand's of society and you that has left her broken for year's and as the ghostly female writer hates that she feels this way because of bad situations that has gone totally wrong





But the more she stayed invisible in her own ghostly safety zone she felt safe but outside of that she was like living to regret for ever exposing her identity and now she feels like she has been triple trumped out by the world around her 





And as the invisible ? ghost girl writer was sad that she had to always remain behind the scenes of the simplest thing's in her life so her safety zone would never be underestimated and broken down again while continuously battling incurable disease that has been set forth for her to conquer and overcome or die trying to while the whole entire time remaining the invisible ? ghost writer beyond any kind of doubts and as she scream's out~loud but the world around her fails to hear her voice that has been longing to let out but it's been gutted out by all of you 



As she die's more inside without no shining light to fill that hurtful invisible void


And she wishes that the outside world around her will one day stop being so hateful, hurtful, judgemental so she could one day show the real side of her that her close family and friend's became to love so much 



But for now she's merely living like a black shadow in the darkened broken scars that has been left upon her ? heart of heart's as the ? ghost writer continues to pick~up all the uneven broken piece's of her ghostly ? heart 




©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 11/30/2017 all rights reserved

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