maybe, I.J.

i want to marry you.
maybe we'll both wear dresses 
maybe Skyler will be our best man
maybe my family won't be invited
maybe Steve will walk me down the isle
maybe our color will be black
or blue
or dark red 
or a deep purple
maybe you'll have half your head shaved
and I'll have an arm covered in tattoos
maybe our first dance will be to an Incubus song
maybe to an Ed Sheeran song
maybe we'll get drunk or high
or we'll want to stay sober so we can remember the night forever


maybe it will never happen 
maybe we won't start dating after highschool
maybe our friendship won't last forever
maybe I'll remain in love while you find someone else 
maybe I'll lose everyone 
maybe nothing will go to plan
maybe everything will fall apart

but maybe, I won't lose you 
but everything goes to hell
maybe you'll be there for me
maybe you'll never leave my side 
maybe people will be against us
maybe we'll lose our loved ones
but maybe we'll still have each other

maybe you're my forever 
maybe I'm in love with you 
maybe you love me too 
maybe you won't wait too long
maybe everything will go perfectly
or it will all go wrong 
but, certainly, I'll love you 
until forever ceases to exist.


◄ love.

don't burn. ►


<Deleted User> (18474)

Sat 11th Nov 2017 06:20

Holy-moley M.K! I'm not really qualified to tell you if this is technically good or not. What I can tell you was it moved me to tears as I get up with my coffee ready for work. What an awesome start to my day! Thank you very much. Beno.

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