Where did He put it?

Why can't I find it?

Is it in the dew drop on the sharpest tentacle of the grass?

Or is that tree hiding it in the 90th ring in its bark?

Do I have to find an 8th sea in the quest to have it?

Or should I look for it in the drop of blood of the ant squished under a giant's foot?

Did you have it as a legacy or got it in inheritance?

Did you somehow lose it and want me to find it in your penitence?

In the foreboding of black clouds, 

In the lightless eyes of those wrapped in shrouds, 

In the dirty sunlight seeping through a hole, 

Or the warmth that it brings like a ray of hope, 

I have looked for it in the epigrams of the old, in the adages of the wise, 

But every time my hopes are abased, my dignity abject, and eventually my quest dies!

Did you throw it away like an empty can of juice?

Or got agitated of it like a pebble in your boots?

Did I wipe it off with the tears on my cheek?

Or after hiking up a 100 miles, did I drop it from the peak?

I know I had it once, tucked in like a polaroid in my jeans,

But I want it back now, to keep it like a perfume for my being! 

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