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Before dawn

Before dawn.


All the locking mechanisms went missing and the guns have vanished along with them.


Fumbling-dumbfounded-investigating the metal loops where pins used to hold secure--but now the doors have vanished too!


The crisp, grey winter air bites like growing alarm and there a beautiful female figure takes slow shape from the desolate wood; encompassing what once was an ...

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The longer I abstain,

The further I wade,

From all certain anchors..


Watching wave about wave,

Roll out and dismiss my certainties.


Running from annihilation,

Towards it's very loving tongue.

The timelessness of suffering,

Equal to the pardon beyond?


The longer I brave,

The faster I hold,

The quicker I see,

The calmer I let.


And I ...

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The questions fixed to cycle-

The force of our servitude-

Stitched in to this deception-

Like bir


The abnegation of oneness-

In each and every scowl-

The delusions and the suffering-

The potential and the inevitable-

Incurably cornered. 


All walls but constructs-

Built by the limits of fears- 

On the backs of the many-

At the expense of ea...

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Pull back the folds and peek in.

    Searching for a way back home?

    Watch the body dazzled. 

    May it become God’s?

    “Wash me! Heal me!”

    Offer your all to the darkness.

    Bury your wearied conscience.

    “Kneed me! Free me!”

    Before you can catch your breath.

    Don’t let it ever end;

    Lest it be set off again.    

Try and turn a perversion i...

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The Baboon and the scales


It is all Kinetic.

Drawn ever lateral…

Ammit wets his lips…

I cannot step up my focus..

This my fifteenth week

—A full not quite as fair—

—As night is begging bolder.

 Will I wane here peaking?

May not the rise reveal?

May I fail to feat,

The infinitly heavy feather?  


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The take is always stalking, 

What will it be?

Hold off and it will wait…

Now don’t be afraid….

What of the consequence….?

That’ old familiar wave…

It may weigh on you like chains—

but it goes back from where it came!

And the forgiveness of its wake,

that amniotic calm…

Theres safety in the take!

Theres absolution.

Theres power.

Theres satisfac...

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Dear friend..no more needles


No More Needles..

The hurt pulsed from his hunched frame, 

Rocking without the help of mothers arms,

Testing a father that just won’t reply,

Pushing off but holding on…


Eyebrows turned down,

A constant ache that won’t unfurl,

Loaded and ashamed,

Afraid to face what will not change.


Can’t escape the love that pulls over us in waves,

Which we shoot, and s...

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bring me my eyes

"Bring me my eyes!"

Blindly halcyon,

Collecting nightmares,



Some deeds define!

Gratifying the without

Becoming undone,



Take like thief from within,

To pay for the wreckage of it--

Suffer, giving blood and life,

to pacify the eternal waste of time.


"Bring me my eyes!"

The darkness cries.

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