Carpe Momentum

I walked outside
"Hey animal," I said,
"what're you doing? To where are you bounding? Why so intently set are your shoulders? Your head?"
"I am seizing opportunity," He said
(Or, maybe it was a she)
But, now I was even more enthralled than previously 
"I'm sorry, furry friend, it is not my desire to offend, but could you be so kind and please take the time, to elaborate on your earlier sentiment."
With a huff he stopped in mid-stride 
An impatient glance cast aside
But, for some unknown reason he did decide to indulge me, to my great delight
Redirecting his energy, solely focused on me, "Child, please will you repeat the query extended from you to me?"
"Um, it's just that 
Whenever I see a big cat or most wild animals, in fact, they seem to always be moving with purpose and I can't help but wonder where they learned that?"
Ya know, I can't be sure, but I swear He giggled, 
I noticed his stripes did wriggle a little
It made me nervous
So, my head down, with my zipper I fiddled
Until at last, he responded to my riddle
"Daughter, when opportunity appears it must be captured at once. No time to post pics and you're probably gonna have to work through lunch. Don't complain about the inconvenience. No mumbles, no grunts. Just, quick get off your ass and refuse to let it pass. Don't be a chump."
Now, truthfully, I was all, "Who does he think he is? Who is he to tell me how to live?"
But with great wisdom and more deference than I deserved, he almost answered in a purr,
"Girl, your look hasn't gone unobserved. And, no, I don't know you, your life, so maybe I do have some nerve. But, if I may, my actions probably wouldn't have stopped you on your way if you weren't in search of some answer, in need in some way. Unbeknownst to you, it is rarely a lack in preparation that keeps us from receiving that which we are chasing, but rather too much doubting, too much weighing. When I was a pup, I learned to fight with my brothers. I learned to crouch, to wait, to sneak up on others. Got to know my surroundings better than any other. And how to get close enough to kill my prey while not being discovered. I was given every tool necessary to my survival, but after the demise of many rivals I came to understand that that which is most vital is leaping at each opportunity the very second you notice its arrival. You will lose if you choose to be idle. So, yes, no matter the time of day or night, I am always ready to strike, to abandon languid lounging for a bloody fight. To have what I need to sustain my life?! Yes ma'am, with every ounce of might, bc opportunity comes quick and even quicker is plucked from sight. Indeed, mine is almost gone. So I must say goodnight."
I blinked. He was gone. He had changed my life, then moved on. I stood transfixed, and slowly a realization formed
Here was an opportunity for me, waiting to be taken on
A lesson, an on ramp to a better future
To succeed I need to get used to
Moving as soon as opportunity makes herself known
Stay ready so I'll be ready everytime the time comes

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David Taylor-Jones

Fri 17th Nov 2017 09:15

Lovely sentiment and a beautiful rhythm, thank you ?

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