About our world

A fight - sttruggle, battle, - whatever

you might call this thing -

this artefact of human artifice -

this conceptual agreement,

paradigm of being - this

society we call our own,

our culture,

our single, greatest achievement.


Get one over, do better than,

succeed despite - magic phrases

for our self-measuring cult,

our narrow world, our purpose to

feather our nests and compete for jobs,

space, wealth - and aspire to our

self-labelled betters.


No - spread love and kindness;

our dog-eat-dog world brutalises

all of us to immunity of

shock or horror - ironing out a

reality of acceptance and explaining away the

rather horrid side effects.


So beat that - fight that

and we'll succees when we all

eat together, play together

and - actually, in reality -

live together, in unity,

in happiness, in conjunction,

joy and in peace.

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keith jeffries

Wed 8th Nov 2017 20:57

words that are true with hope firmly in place. I like this poem because it ends with our only way out of a brutalised world. Thank you for this. Keith

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