"Diana Prince Forever!"

That's what my parents always called me with a smirk
But I wasn't
I was just different

The highlight of my week wasn't watching Knight Rider like the other boys
It was Wonder Woman
Imagining myself wearing her gold tiara and bracelets
Her lasso of truth
Spinning round and saving the world
Then going back to being normal Diana Prince

My older brother bought me Action Man
And ...

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bullyingchildhoodherowonder woman

A Picture of You

If I had a picture of you

I’d keep it to myself

Held tightly against my heart

To feel closer to you

Our bond would be strong

Strong enough to make me feel safe

If only I had a picture of you.


If I had a picture of you

I’d sleep with it on my pillow

Hoping to bring sweet dreams

Of the days we shared long ago

The fun days, holidays and time spent together


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Flowers mark the spot

Flowers mark the spot

Once fresh

Sweet scent

Since faded

Brittle petals

Tied to the railings

Marking the spot


The shrine beside the road

For the passing world to see

Never forget

Never allowed to forget

Sun-bleached photo at it’s core

Decaying flowers surrounding


A reminder for the careless drivers

Too busy pedestrians

Texting as they walk


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Those feelings

The ones that hold you back

Make you want to stop

stay home and hide

they haunt me


You get that sinking feeling

an ache in the pit of your stomach

can’t shake it

leaves you feeling helpless

and hopeless



that you thought you’d hidden

or dealt with

come flooding back

vivid as if it was just today

haunting you like a ghost


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My Lottery Win

I spotted a slip of paper

Blowing around the floor
Nobody else had noticed it
So I had to go and explore

I chased it around the pavement
Through the bus station door it blew
I managed to catch it and pick it up
It was last weekend's lottery ticket, who knew?

It was for the big, multi rollover
Thirty million they said
And they were still seeking the winner
All sorts were going thro...

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Coffee shop blues

Cup of coffee

cup of tea

hot chocolate



cheese toastie

tuna melt

bacon butty

fruit cake


custard cream

vanilla slice

blueberry muffin

tray bake


Drunk them all

ate them all

now I've got


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I quite like raisins, except for the one that got stuck up my nose!

The prompt from our writing group was to write an ode to your favourite fruit, this is my attempt, and it's a true story too...


I quite like raisins

Except for the one that got stuck up my nose

The more I sniffed and snorted

The further up it rose


My mum couldn't ease it out

She just forced it up even higher

She took me to the neighbours

And tried to use some plie...

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Did you ever really love me?

Did you ever really love me?

If you're told you're worthless so many times you start to believe it

I believed it

I am ashamed that I let it go on for so long

The snide remarks

The insults

The oppressive atmosphere


I couldn't go out on my own

Couldn't be trusted you said

I had never done anything to justify this


It's the small things that add up

We never h...

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domestic abuselove

Brew Time

There's nothing like a lovely cup of tea

When the world seems tough

And you've had enough

Try a cuppa and I'm sure you will agree


But in the morning coffee is the best

It wakes you from your slumber

Jolts you just like thunder

Keeps me awake until I'm fully dressed


Although fresh orange juice is also very nice

From the fridge, icy child

Slips down like liqui...

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My aching heart

My heart It aches

Engulfed by emptiness


Drowning me with loneliness

Moments apart feel like a lifetime

No idea how to cope

Don't want to cope

Just want to be with you


Yet I know I'm loved

I feel your love

It surrounds me

Protects me

My happiest times are when we're together

Side by side In bed





Why can't t...

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Postcard from the edge!

Written while on a coach holiday in Torquay, listening to a couple of old dears...


We've been traveling since dawn

The coach isn't warm

And then catastrophic

We ran into traffic

The food, it was cold

It's because we are old

Though I may have been late

But I don't like to wait

It drives me so mad

That they treat us so bad

You should see the hotel

The hotel f...

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New Year, New Year Resolutions

New year, New year resolution

Gotta be strong, want absolution

This year I'm going to lose some weight

But what will I do without my cake?


Carrot cake, is that one of my 5 a day?

That areas always been kinda grey

And New York cheesecake, that's not so bad

Without the cheese it could be a new fad


Lovely and rich, chocolate fudge

Keep eating that and the weight w...

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cakedietnew year

What's going on inside my head

Wish I could turn it off



Voices echoing around

Wish I could reboot my brain!


I keep it all inside

All my worries



But I'm scared Scared I'm going to crack up

There's only so much I can think about


Keep it bottled up

Even though it's not healthy

I need to release the cork

Don't want to be in that dark place again



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If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…

Had a prompt from our writing group last time of "

If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…" so I thought I'd give it a go, although I've not mentioned the prompt anywhere in the piece!


If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…


I can’t dance.

Anyone that takes a glance

Will see me prance and realise

That I can’t dance.


My Macarena is more macaroni


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beardancedancingfunny poem

Early Morning

~~Early Morning

Warm early morning sun breaking through the tiniest crack in the curtain
Tongue tracing the outline of your lips
The gentle caress of your hand on my thigh
I feel loved

Fingers gently tracing the curves of your chest
Stroking your fine hairs
Mouth wanting more
I feel loved

Creased sheets telling tales on what came before
Musky scent lingering in the air
Sunlight re...

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The Sea (Part two)

~~The Sea (Part two)

Feel so small
Sat close to the crashing waves
The vast ocean stretching between lands
Tiny boats bobbing on the surface
Could be dragged under with no effort
No warning
Roaring like a wild animal
Getting louder each time
But also deadly

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The Sea (part One)

~~The Sea

Waves gently lapping against the shore
Dragging away the soft red sands
Warm, hazy sunshine breaking through crisp, white clouds
Seagulls calling, mocking with their laughter
Waves gently lapping against the shore
Powerful enough to drag you away
Far out to sea
Never to be seen again
Waves gently lapping against the shore

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Our eyes meet
Nothing else matters
Pure animal magnetism

Nothing else matters
I could die a happy man
Feelings so strong

I could die a happy man
I am not afraid
Nothing can hurt me

I am not afraid
I feel so strong
Love can conquer all

I feel so strong
That what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger
We can take on the world

That what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger
Stronger ...

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Is it safe?

Had a dream last night that I entered a poetry competition, the prompt was Is it Safe?  This silly poem was buzzing around my head when I woke up this morning.


Is it safe?


That dangling wire

Swinging like Tarzan’s rope.

Is it safe?

The dog over the road,

Barking at everything is sight.

Is it safe?


Going for a swim,

After you’ve had lunch.

Is it safe?


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Loving Heart

14 years of being half of a couple
Indescriminating illness, not caring who or what it tears apart.
The fear
The loneliness
the darkness

Then in the distance
a glimmer
a spark of hope lighting up the shadows
Could it be?

You taught my heart to love again,
penetrated my barriers
Let me become the man I was always supposed to be.

You saved my life

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I am here

I am here


Remember I am here for you
no matter what you say or do
I will not judge
my love won't budge
my feelings are so pure and true

My heart skips a beat when you are near
Feel giddy and excited, head can't think clear
I feel so proud
I shout it aloud
"I'm madly in love with this man, here!"

The things you do melt my heart
Can't imagine out lives apart
you're so gentle ...

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