Don't Let Go

Your smile melts me,

With just a laugh I'm yours.

I see your eyes bright up and it drives me wild,

Releasing the butterflies,

Allowing them to fly with joy.


I said I love you,

As you simply smiled and hugged me.

Don't let go...

I will miss your warmth,

Your way of making me feel safe.


Tell me to stay the night.

Let me fall asleep in your arms,

Let me fall asleep to your heart beat,

Warming my heart.

Just don't let go...


Fantasy to reality,

We woke up.

I still love you,

You pushed away,

Don't let go,

Don't give up...


Commitment was no longer visible,

With a sadness in your eyes,

You let me go...

I tried not to look, as I felt my heart slowly break.

Don't let me see your smile,

I wouldn't bare it.


Plans were cancelled,

Phone stood slient...

Where did the love go?

You say you feel hallow,

While I feel numb,

Is there still hope?


You gave me a hug,

You gave me that smile,

Let me know we can work through this,

Just don't let go...

Cause letting go,

Will mean I've officially lost you.


dont let gosmilelost

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Joanne German

Sun 26th Nov 2017 15:23

Hey Jon,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment my poem. It truly means a lot to me that you enjoyed it. ?

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Wed 22nd Nov 2017 11:28

Hi Joanne
This one kind of took me by surprise. I was enjoying the first half very much then the second half became the opposite of it.
You've captured the kind of relationship many go through very well.
I felt sad for the person affected in this and can sense the aching for real, simple love to break through once again.
A well conveyed piece.

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