Burn the Fairytale Books!

Ever since i was little,
I was told fairy tales,
Real or fake, i don't know,
But they had me biting my nails...
I was told that love is real,
There wasn't a matter of 'if' 
Because i knew i would find it there!
I was made to believe in miracles,
Magic carpets and castles with great specticals,
Fairy god mothers waving their wands,
To save the day, fulfilling all my wants!
I grew up, hoping to be a princess,
Wandering in the woods, befriending animals,
Waiting for my prince, roaming away from all the fears!
But when i went out in the real world,
I looked for all the things i had read and heard,
I was surprised, No! I was over smitten,
To see that the world i believed in was just in books, written!
Instead of love, I found betrayal,
Friends were friends, as long as I was there!
But as soon as I went away from their sight,
They would talk about everything about me, they didn't like!
Instead of kindness, there was cruelty,
Everybody lacked the common courtesy! 
People were divided in so many classes,
The rich, the poor, the whites and the blackies!
In the woods, i started to wander,
To look for my ideal world, i had to wonder!
But there too, nothing was the same,
The animals didn't want to be my friends,
I was left in a world too lame,
Where cruelty and hatred would not end!!
The prince? Well I'm having no luck in finding him,
And for that, sadness is filling me up to the brim!!
Even the slightest little detail of the fairy tale book isn't real,
The least I wanted was my hair to be gold n long,
But I couldn't even have that,
This isn't the life i wanted for my twenty year old self...!
Now I ask the people who were so sure,
That fairy takes were going to come true,
With tears in my eyes and my hair entangled,
I ask them why my world is so blue??!!!!
If you knew that life was cruel,
Then why did you make me believe in love?
After having my trust broken so many times,
Do still expect me to be the same innocent dove???
If you knew that i was no princess,
Then why did I have that purple crown?
Why did you make me want pinks and blues?
When life only gives me blacks n brown??
There is no wise owl in the woods,
Or the friendly rabbit that i wanted to be meet, 
Why does the world depend upon other people's moods?
Why am I the one with the unimportant mind of a kid??
Tell me now, where is my prince?
The handsome kind hearted man i have wanted ever since,
I was little...!
Things have changed,
I don't know if my life would be better,
But one thing i know for sure,
Is that we should burn all the fairytale books,
Until we can make this world pretty enough to deserve them!!!!!

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