A positive step

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Time is never on your hands, it's always on your wrist 


Such a twist, a cruel twist of fate, always told to tolerate the facts that make you hate.


But wait, it's not to late, go forth and seek the thing that make, you think, of every mistake, every loved lost, every hart that brakes. It may seem as if it's more than you can take. 


So take a little more, shock everyone around you and watch them drop a jaw.


For sure it gets raw, you feel sore say never more, will you answer the door with your core, instead kick it open with your legs, just before using your head, to justify the way you have been feeling before bed.


Breathe, take a breath, if only you know you have tried your best, to forget, a bad dream, tho at the time seemed real from the ways that it made you feel, no popping, no pills, no games, just fields, acres of land to run around and understand that you are the man you wanted to be, no half arsed effort, do it properly, look now there's no stopping me.

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