Another one from the crazy dream collection ( as yet untitled)

Here we go with some more imagery
From my strange dreams scenery
It starts with me living in an old house
Vermin free, not a single mouse
There are few people in the frame
Someone suggests we all play a game
Then I'm playing a game of hide and seek
I'm in a tree busting for a leak
I cannot give my place away
For this is a game I love to play
Now and then I cast a glance
Between the leaves and a branch
To see if the seeker is homing in
She's nowhere near so I grin
Suddenly there goes up a call
The tree I'm in begins to fall
It makes a horrible screaming sound
So do I as I hit the ground
Strangely I continue to fall
And I curl myself into a ball
Down and down I continue to go
Wondering why the ground was hollow
I take a peek and in a flash
I land in a pool with a splash
Floundering and starting to splutter
It appears I've landed in a flooded gutter
Of the old house, under its eaves
Which smells of musty rotting leaves
Hardly believing my good luck
I stand and clean off some of the muck
Myself I am about to berate
When a crow comes sliding down the slates
Staring, glaring and I frown
As the crow looks me up and down
Raising his wings he begins to flutter
Asking what I'm doing in his gutter
Looking around I give him a shrug
Then he folds his wings around me in a hug
His feathers are all soft and tickly
But the smell of his breath is rather sickly
I look around and begin to search
A way to escape this lofty perch
My crow friend begins to caw
Below I spot a few bales of straw
Pulling myself from his grip
I manage to slide and slip
Off the roof to the bales below
Once again my momentum does not slow
I pass straight through the stack of bales
Into a blue ocean full of killer whales
Now I begin to get frightened
Suddenly I wish to be wakened
I'm really not in the mood
To end up being whale food
Not wanting to come to harm
I'm relieved when I hear my alarm


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keith jeffries

Mon 6th Nov 2017 14:03

Hello Duncan, This is a cleverly though out poem and reflects how dreams can be so disjointed. Your rhyming is also very good. I found it both amusing and enjoyable. Thank you. Keith

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