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the woods where i can blast my music              

and problems away.Where no one can              

destroy  me from being me.Where i can             

have parties and not get in trouble.Where           

i can take a walk and never get lost.Where           

i can feel the fresh air and hear the silence

thats never there.The woods where i can

stay up and n...

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I always told my mom that there was a monster under my bed. She of course never believed me,she always said that i had an over imagination. She gave me a night light so the monster would go away,but that never helped,it just angered her. There was nothing I could do to get rid of this monster,so I ignored it,I listened to music every night so I couldn’t hear the screams. I’m 16 now,the monster is ...

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a mini monologue

I tried my hardest all my life to win and to get my family proud of me. I tried my hardest to win the love from him and YOU come here out of nowhere and swoop in and steal him from me. You-you IMBECILE, it’s not fair!!! I have always tried my best to be the one on top, and the one to be the best in this town, why do you have to be the best, huh? I've lived here all my life and then you come here a...

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I am

I Am

I Am bold like the color red thats hard to not notice

I Am strong like a wolf that leads it’s pack to safety

I Am the song Love The  Way You Hate Me because I love when people hate me for no reason

I Am like the scent of a rose, i am sweet and lovely until you touch the thorn

I Am like rain,I can be calming yet can be a destroyer of things

I Am like a voice because when i w...

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about me


Smiles are made of love and happiness but sometimes they are made of pain.People often see  someone smile and think that they are happy and have no pain in that smile.The people who smile the most are usually the ones that are in the most pain.I guess that’s why most people can hide the fact that they are sad and once you smile to pretend to be happy you do it 24/7 because then people won’t be con...

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no one sees

can no one see the pain of the shadow of a broken girl

living in a broken home?

can no one see the scars that her “cat” has made?

or the fact that there are new ones almost everyday?

does anyone notice the pain behind her eyes?

the “i’m fine” and a fake smile?

does anyone even care about anyone else anymore?

the name calling “whore” “slut” “fat” “ugly” “stupid” and many more


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I hope. I want. I remember.

I hope you think of me every night in your dreams.

I hope you see me in everyone you date.

I hope you wish I would come back.

I hope you  see me and feel the pain I felt  while we were together.

I hope  you  hear my cries, feel my pain and see my tears.

I hope every time you close your eyes  you see me with him.

I want you to hate yourself for everything you’ve done to me

I wa...

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