Sailing With The Stars (revised)

Oh dear last nights dream was weird
And it had nothing to do with a baby's beard!
I was working back aboard an old ship
Taking a rather extended trip
I've no idea where we were heading
But the sea was calm and the sun shining
On board was something of a motley crew
Trust me, in the past I have sailed with a few!

The skipper was Mr. Neil Armstrong
We knew he would not steer us wrong
Navigating by the moon and stars at night
Our course he plotted true and straight
During the day a tendency he did have
Was to navigate using GPS Sat Nav!

The engineer was Steph McGovern from TV
She helps present Breakfast on the BBC
She delivers financial and business news
But as an engineer she could keep those screws
Turning and churning out the knots
Using axle grease from pink cardboard pots!

The cook on board picked no bones
An amazing actress from Game of Thrones
In that galley was Cheri Lunghi
Making a mean tortolloni
With lots of salad ricotta and feta
It was delicious and I'd not tasted better!

Now the foc'sle deck which I was upon
I shared with the remaining Pythons
Throwing up whilst on his knees
A rather seasick Mr.John Cleese
Holding on and hardly failing
Lord of travel Mr. Michael Palin!

Acting the fool Mr Terry Gilliam
Shouting " Look at how silly I am"
"Ahoy there me hearties and avast
Watch me climb the for'ard mast"
Then a shout from Mr Idle, Eric
Warning us about a swinging derrick!

I could have rhymed the name Idle
Amazingly with the word tidal
I like the way the switch throws
But I'm off topic so let's go!

"I want to watch Game of Thrones"
Intoned a serious Mr.Terry Jones
So we all turned and headed aft
Terry Gilliam still acting daft
Cleese doing his funny walk
Perched on the starboard bulwark
Idle went to push him in
Cleese admitted he couldn't swim

At that moment Jones dropped a cup
And unfortunately I woke up
No matter how much I'd toss and turn
To that amazing dream I could not return
I've no idea what all this means
But I loved having the Pythons  in my dreams.

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Duncan McKenzie Ross

Sat 4th Nov 2017 15:24

So much fun to write, thank you

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 3rd Nov 2017 21:07

It sails along with much good humour, and some pretty sharp rhyming. Fun to write, and fun to read.

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