Accidents Will Happen

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For all the aging punks . With apologies to Elvis Costello.


Oh I just don't know where to begin:

we don't want it forever

so it's now or never.

We should keep them hanging on

till the investors have gone

and make sure they can’t get in

without a police chaperone.




Because accidents will happen

if we let the frackers win

and we’ll all be the victims

when the well casing gives in.

Yes accidents will happen

and we’ll see them split and run.

I don't want to hear it

because this affects everyone.


There used to be rigs in the sea

now they rise up in the countryside

like monstrosities 

with protectors hanging on,

both the old and the young.

Our minds are made up,

we’re gonna fight this till we’ve won.


Because accidents will happen...


And it's the damage that they do

and never know.

It's the words that we don't say

that scare me so.


And there’s so many people to see,

so many people you can write to

and send your petitions.

Though they keep you hanging on

until you’re well hung

your mind is made up: fracking will be undone! 



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Tim Ellis

Thu 30th Nov 2017 17:11

Thanks Fred. I mean to sing it outside the fracking site in Yorkshire sometime, but it's many years since I last played a guitar and this song has a very difficult tune, as do many of Elvis Costello's compositions, so it may be a while...

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Fred Varden

Wed 29th Nov 2017 22:31

Brilliant.. I actually expected it to end “and you can all frack off”. Great poem

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