Where did it go?

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Did you brush it from your hair
or maybe from your teeth
your clothes
perhaps it was washed from your sheets
or tights
or with your bath water
flushed behind a closed toilet door
dreamt away
coughed and spat out
maybe you strode away from it

did you ignore it in a bar
did you lose it on a train
a taxi or in a fight
perhaps you changed its channel
was it used as a book-mark
donated to a charity shop
misplaced in some drawer
or behind jars of cream

was it scraped off of a plate,
maybe your shoe
has it found its way into
the corner of a pocket
was it locked out
sent packing
or hung up and forgotten about
failed to water it
left to wither
exchanged it for another
or just given away...

Where did it go?


Words and image Tommy Carroll


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Sidra Shahid

Sun 12th Nov 2017 14:13

It is beautiful. The brilliance is its versatility for each reader.
Good thoughts,


Sun 12th Nov 2017 06:02

Every line read,still no answer, what have I lost? Great suspense

All the best des

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kJ Walker

Sat 11th Nov 2017 19:26

I'm with Eric, i need to know what "it" is.
Of course, you left that for the reader to decide. Very clever, you could read it twice and "it" would be two different things, depending on your mood.

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Eric G. Hoff

Sat 11th Nov 2017 18:48

Brilliant. And I am left wondering, "What was it that I misplaced?!"

You pulled me in with each statement, each breath. I was eagerly anticipating the end where I would find out "What" it was that I was missing. And yet, you leave us to question our own selves as if we have left something behind somewhere and you are helping us look for "it."


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