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(Inspired by William Shakespeare “Old the World’s a Stage”)


Post- millennial, teenage, youthful, youngster, juvenile

The 20’s stage of my life

 Where consciousness strikes my mind
That desiring taste of freedom and adventure
Giving the way to the memory of that day.
That excitement…

I will no longer feel in the later life

I guess…


The wild and free

Yesterday begin...

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Removed for Cause

If by justice you mean vengeance, I,
your honor, am not to be counted.

In all this well-pressed protocol,
In this stark polished hall of justice,

There is nothing to judge, no verdict
or debate beyond a reasonable doubt

That the condemned is condemned by agreement.
Are we to haggle over the price? The rate of exchange is the same.

You weed through we thirty coughing "peers",
this ...

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entry picture



We wake to the rumbling thunder of blood,
Pumping hearts, twisted hearts, this shadow and I
Squeeze into these thick silences of trees.
Soon the dark lights of Christmastide afflict us
Twilight memories drift, flux and flicker
In this breeze of Time,
Penumbra-beginning hologram-end, my friend,
Such pungent affirmations, slip into the past:
Generations of suffering: eyes lifted to...

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one poor cow one poor cow eater


motorway gridlocked

behind a cattle transporter.


Through a snout sized vent,

you sniff at the air of freedom 

head occasionally turning side on

so that one eye at a time can stare at guilty me


who knows as I can imagine you might do

in telling me with what I feel is such an accusatory 

death frightened stare

how I mouth-wateringly help to shorten you...

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Can’t you hear it!


That voice!

What voice?

The voice of silence!


Peaceful that, isn’t it?


Are you awake?

I’m creeping out for a jar.

Was it something I said?

I wish……..

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Also by Philipos:


Alice Springs 1999

Here. On the other side of the 

world, the truth is over exposed 

for history’s whim. A discoloration.


Here. The locals sneer at the English, 

restrict oxygen to the indigenous,

cannot understand the word, ‘generous’.


Here. Convenience forgets kindness, buries

a bone so it won’t grow. Flies cultivate on

hate. This ‘here’ is anywhere, but there.




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New Buds

The old man stepped out into the garden and stood in the sunshine. Warm, yes, but not too warm to work. He collected the battered barrow from the shed. In it a kneeler and a bucket containing gloves, a trowel and secateurs.

There had been five weeks without significant rain and at the end temperatures had been up in the mid to high thirties. Now, after some good downpours, the garden was just ...

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Don't Try This At Work.

entry picture

I don't know if you've noticed and I don't know if you care,
But I've taken all my clothes off and am standing here bare.
It took a lot of confidence, it took a lot of drink,
Perhaps you'd like to have a look and tell me what you think.


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To the heavens

On this icy night

I look to the stars

With questions

And teary eyes


I surrender

To the heavens

And embrace 

The chill in my veins


Standing still





My soul

Filled with hope

I still believe

I will love again

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I wanna be one of the noisy boys

I wanna be one of the boys,

striding about with power tools

showing off my toys.


I wanna get kitted with engines fitted

that smell and cut and chop,

things with extensions of massive dimensions

the biggest in the shop.


I'll cut my way through night and day

creating havoc wherever I go,

be a very noisy neighbour

reaping tro...

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Also by ray pool:


Gratefulness is Happiness

Ever notice how the grateful are always happy? 

Even through a storm, 

they’re smile never dampens. 

The ungrateful, however, are never happy. 

While swimming in a sea of abundance,

they drown wanting.



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On A Wing and A Prayer

entry picture

A very private piece I posted on my Public Blog, this morning.  Please come and tell me what you think.


   On A Wing and A Prayer


I came into this world on a wing and prayer.

Soon my innocence robbed, my spirit I don't know where.

Born by anger, confusion and sin.

I hid my pain, and my fear I kept within.


During my youth, my innocence a...

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Onto the next miscalculation


You lined them up 

By height and weight


On paper they’ve cost thousands 

Their descriptions sounded professional 


Yet now make you cringe

You watch the audience’s expressions


And you adjust your figures


As dreams and memories blur

Your past is constantly changing


Allowing you to produce  

an infinite number


Of recently-refurbished...

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On a London bus

entry picture

Trudging tiredly home one evening

stopped dead on wet pavement, astonished

a wonderful polished obsidian head

perfectly shaped like a jetblack Nefertiti

with brilliant many coloured headwrap

from some far sunseared land

flaming in the northern gloom

seen through the dingy raindropped

window of a litup London bus

one dire dark  damp December night

a long time ago.

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Leonardo da Vinci |

booze broken

Like most pleasures

drinking alcohol is only nice they say

when downed in moderation.




I've floored reservoirs enough of the damned stuff

troubled too many emergency services too many times

seen the death list of friends rise and rise.


A typical friday night and across the road

they are lifting the palatic off the pavements

while I am vomiting in the ba...

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entry picture

Finding place and purpose in life

through love is always a contrast

between good and bad the 

beautiful and ugly so when I

met you for the first time I didn't

see any difference from what had 

gone before why would I why would 

anyone see that you were unique 


a room without you in it is empty

just getting on a bus with you

is beautiful or jumping in a taxi


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In my seventy sixth year I've seen a lot

And I've endured a lot for what I've got.

So did my parent's generation before,

And they taught me to grin when life was raw.

Loss and less were facts of life

For those who survived grievous strife;

But always hardy...always humble...

Captured in words like "musn't grumble".

No social security in existence...

They got by with graf...

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Fragments "What Cannot Be Stolen"

A library of empty books is every child. To put your mark upon virgin pages is either to embellish or stain.

Curiosity gave birth to the curious cat. Every questioner is killed by the answer.

Nonsense contains the inner wisdom of absurdity.

Elegance pleases beauty and love is our tutor.

Philosophers use words to create new skies. Nietzsche the unfurling of a storm. Wittgenstein a sky w...

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Such a blessed character

entry picture

Such a blessed character

Tuesday,30th July 2019


Why did God make the woman?

and sent among human beings

to suffer insults

and build disrepute!


was she destined to suffer?

and offer no resistance

look, not in the eyes

and even try


the world knows her hidden identity

real doyen of divine beauty

to take care of a troubled land

and befriend all


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when they ask me

what i'm doin'

i always say nuttin


it's the best answer

for all those nosy people

who expect you to say



nuttin gives you time

to dream

which is a fancy way

of saying i sleep a lot


nuttin is a good excuse

especially if you're old like me

and get plum worn out

by all the busy work of

doin' somethin'



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Just a few random thoughts, trickling from the pan of mind

The glass full of juices of life, overflowing from frontal to hind

Pouring in to share the liquid juicey fine, with cups of another kind

The tasty treat offered on forenoon of summer sultry sweet


Just a random thought of another kind pouring from furnace of mind

The sweet muses dripping from overriped pineapples and gra...

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I am


You don’t see me

when you airbrush

fill, lift, 


You don’t see me

when you homogenize, 




My skin’s not alabaster.







My curves don’t conform

to your limited map

of bosom and butt.

My body



its own sweet



I am 


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body imagegrowing olderstrong women

It's OK to Cry

entry picture

It's OK to Cry


First half


When I read what I have writ

Emotions sometimes ride

Up from deep within me

But tears I try to hide.




“Crying is not a sign of weakness

but a sign of strength to have the

courage to show deep emotion”


Maria O'Hare



Second half


So when I read what I have writ

Maria makes me tr...

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the best of food

Favourite food


The food I like is meat especially pork

Cooked till the bones part from the flesh

Served with cabbage, carrots and spuds

Cooked together with the pork

I never order beef because I dislike chewing

As it is usually an ordeal.

However, I like liver cooked the same way as

The pork, fish too if it is free of the annoying

Little spiny bones which are an app...

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Train of thoughts...

You don't know the title of something until you start writing it.

Same goes for life. You gotta start (writing), trying new things, exploring life's available opportunities. Do the dirty work until you finally land on something that you love and go for it.

I might try this or that, but I still might not have found "the thing." If you feel you're in the same boat, the only way to find your wa...

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rise up


It was the moment when you became my everything

It was long before I was willing to admit it

It was long before I even started to deny it

It was long before I could no longer ignore it

It was long before I was able to accept it

It was long before I began to embrace it

It was that first accidental conversation

It was nothing more than a passing comment

It was as important as...

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Aspect of her being

Golden ratio in her palatial

universe in company, always good on her promise.

Her flower of life is timeless, spend all my days in her focal point

my intention at play on my brain, but the thought stem from hers

stuck in my ways, her path dislodge and pave

recurrent occurence in our sphere, purity echo throughout my peer

sheer is her tree of life. Landmarks bring me to a right


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Also by Shawn Garcia:

soul mates | Fireworks fly |


You Take With You The Music

When you go you take with you the music.

I am left with that solitary moment of injustice inquiring oneself.

Of a rhythm occupying palpitations that waver blood into a certain sea of red entering the stratosphere…


There I sink and live in my liveliest.


There, I sleep within a maddening cocoon. Dreams yearn the chisel of your rough hands…Fluorescent fish and waves harbor a dan...

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Real Is Rare

The real is rare,

The fake doesn't care...

One who ought to be dear;

Alas! Brings despair.


My search goes everywhere,

To meet the one who's sincere.

That one supposed to bring cheer,

And no trick play, only an option fair.


Happiest I was when he was near,

He wouldn't let my eyes shed a tear...

In my loneliness I sometimes still fear,

Where I lost him, why...

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Also by ai ou:

Hostage To My Own Inertia | Faces |


Silver Lining

I was looking for no remedy 
Burning into the silver lining
I trying being my old self but you still remain 
I just want to be the best me I can be 
I feeling like there's a stranger in my skin
It's been this way for too long 

So hold on to fading memory of me 
One day your understand 
I can't be anyone without you 

When the wind blows it feels so hollow 
That time can't be right 

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No Covenant



I am the fuller in a blade

a gouge of absent steel


I make you lighter for the parry

and quicker off the heel


I’m something that is missing

but is there to bring you gain


a flaw that sees you winning

and your enemies the slain


Though you’ll never know a lover

you’ll reap the victors spoil


and your days of peace ...

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entry picture

Slink in the grey and look upon what's left
Shrouded memory of the greatest theft

Earth is still here yet corruption flows from it
By human hands we breath the plastic

Love convenience and don't give a fuck,
Let others swim in the filth, in the muck

Feigned concern and loose conviction
World on fire yet what mild trepidation

Who cares about the future if it's not yours?
Praise cor...

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Modern Crusader | The Old Lands |



winter's kiss
full moon
rising soon
13 a year
star studded dance
universe expands
planets align
space and time
human suspension
outer dimension
rocket man
in a tin can
strumming along
to Major Tom
view below
magic globe
shooting for mars
endless vast
holes of black
fire ball
night falls
marvel at
the wonder of it all

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS2 by cindy lee loucks

Everything- An Etheree

The hermit worships on the mountain top

He prays at the doom below his feet

bellows loud to hear his echo

and sings dirges to the gorge.

A muffled commotion

slowly wakes him up

tambourines, lute

His suave bride

“My sweet




that creased brow

shed that black cloth

the mourner's garment

break the solemn silence

clad yourself in white ...

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sleeping with penguins

quiet music from the room

the Penguin Café Orchestra

swinging something classical


through the open window

birds singing


I stand at the door

a soft sheet wraps her waist


against a breast

our new-born son

makes contented baby sounds


her milk trickles his chin


both are sleeping


I climb on the bed

lean my head


and put m...

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With Allah...I can , so i will.

entry picture

Aspirations...Where we are and where we want to be?

My aspirations have always focused on being a world-renowned, bestselling author, however, i have found great value in fact, total gratification in knowing my pieces help people whether i get paid or not.

Where i come from...where i am...and where i want to be is a constant and ongoing journey.

I have come very far from the young girl wh...

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depressionfighterlosssadsuicidalsurviving suicidesurvivor

Memory of existence

What a peaceful thought.

That you do not hold my heart as you once did before.
To look at you and feel nothing in return,
to be free of your soul.
My mind is at peace and so is my soul.
Yet you reach for me to be part of you at times,
It is not something I yearn for anymore.
What a peaceful thought has come to mind.
You do not hold my soul anymore and I will forever be ...

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entry picture

(I've always felt this site lacked a poetry and recipe fusion post.  Here's one from the Lumpwood King)


For those of us that barbecue we sometimes find we wish

We might forego the pork or lamb and barbecue some fish;

But this is problematic; you’ll find this once you start

Cos tasty though as most fish is it’s prone to fall apart;

Now remedies are possible; it could be wrapped ...

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Also by John Coopey:


Walking with wishes

Oh! this house I pass daily

where my fantasies live

and dreams could be born

the unaccountable times my heart had

and still knocks on its door

the windows I keep looking in

like those of your soul

hoping that one day I will see myself inside

finally coming to life.



Stef Wilde

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

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Who Are You?

Who are you, and why are you here?

I am your security, your protector and your safety blanket.

We will start this age of discovery and wonderment together,

Pausing only to sleep and refuel our curiosity.


Who are you, and why are you with me?

I am your companion, here to hold your hand.

We will travel through gates and down paths into green meadow and dark forest.

There we...

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long days and distractions
sunglasses reflecting scenes

of caramel-skin boys skipping school
to play stickball in the streets

endless nights punctuated
by the sounds of Cuban heels

tattooed upon our memories

--mementos, like hanging red sunsets
etched in rosegold and tempered steel...

when it all goes bad
like forged passports and spoiled milk

we'll always have Miami...

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Also by elPintor:

truth or dare? (even no answer is an answer) | unsung | saving face | cataclysm and containment--Stage 1 |

Tempest brewed

entry picture

Don't you know
it's just a rage
a tempest brewed
from grape not sage-
in all the world
there's not a stage
not tread by feet already.

And so I bow
and bid me out
you cared for nought
nor gave a shout
as all that is
will come about
with out you being ready.

words and foto T Carroll...

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Speechless naked feet

Speechless naked feet

Brush the boards

Where carpets are bare to tread

In threadbare pile

Of warm worn through

Early spring sun

Long legs languid and fair

With hairs that stand up

Feeling the fresh air rush of the tingling chill

Coming up through floorboard cracks

And the regular slap of skin against wood

As she walks in just an old man’s shirt

Running the fing...

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Hush now

It’s all right

You will forget

The taste of my blood


It was funny when

you took a bite

I knew you will choke

on my poisoned heart


My vein is still pulsing

I can feel your teeth 

piercing through my skin


Look, now our blood is mixed 

A creation of a new disease


Hush now, don’t cry

You will forget the pain

in time



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I listen to the news but I got confused

I remember the frogs were dying and the sea stars Banda Aceh Fukushima Haiti Lennon was shot I saw pictures of men on the moon there is a singularity whose picture I missed along with the Taliban Boko Harum Joseph Kony there are geriatrics in Guantanamo who need to pee often and spit yellow phlegm into cups that can never be made sharp Castro died and rai...

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My Entity

Wherever I go,
there you are.

I see you
in stormy skies. 

I feel you
in twilight. 

I smell you 
among the pines.

I hear you 
whispering at night. 

I taste you  
in the words of every love poem. 

You are nowhere to be found,
yet always around.

My entity,
you are the part of me I long to set free.

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There is only one

There is only one


Occasionally when a moment of silence arrives

I pause for a time of deep reflection and lost hope

Through the corridors of my mind

I seem always to arrive in the La Plaza

which is embedded in my mind as an ageless painting

The sun shines as people promenade

beneath the fronds of overhead palms

Children with cornets, some on their fathers´shoulders


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There must be a way

Is there a way to be

The poison you turn to

Your best enemy

When demons hover around

Your burning flesh?


Is there a way to be

One of a thousand monks

Kneeling face down


On the cold, raw stones

Of your bodily temple?


Is there a way to be

A thorn in your side

To remind you of

The excruciating pain of

Not touching you?


There mus...

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Let’s make a pact
let these shadows hold us
swaddled in secrecy
and breathing quickly
I see you draw in close to me
sense those lips loosening
my foundation questioning
the forcefield of your sly grin
and the delicacy of those fingers
upon me

Let’s make a pact
let this moment be our blueprint
to not accept a fading
or a softening of this urgency
I feel that magnetic pull...

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