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Poor Mom - Dedicated to Betty Ann my mom

The men in the white coats are coming to take me away,this is what mother used to say.                                         We 4 would scream,"No", and stand there with our dirty fingers in our nose.                                                We used to toss our clean laundry on the floor, we sloppily hung wet towels from the bathroom door.                                                   ...

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I join each day in the flow of its current

Compatible or not I try to adjust myself

The day often conflicts with my waking mood

I walk along a darkened corridor

Feeling my way with uncertainty

I welcome the unexpected yet cherish routine

Spontaneity can disturb or delight

Outside I embrace sun, shower or rain

Only the wind aggravates my soul

I react, respon...

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Wheeler dealers - all the same

deception a lifelong tragic game,

your hopes and dreams go in their pot

they'll fleece you rotten

take whatever you've got.

No Christian ethics to stay their hand

they already own the promised land.


I got to know one only once

a ready fellow who staked his claim.

A chirpy wit

full of shit

he taught me much

with his Midas touch


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Also by ray pool:


My Communal Dance

entry picture

Here I am entering a space between episodes

where everything seems so real, so right.

So unfeigned that I begin to doubt my sanity.

But as I travel within that space inside me

I see more regressive versions

of new episodes.

They peak and ebb,

sucking me into a vortex of frustration.

Then suddenly a new story emerges.

Suddenly I’m engulfed by a flood of people.

They ur...

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Sing to Me

Beside the river of death,

A poet gently breathes,

Praying to the water,

"Oh, please sing for me."

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Also by Zackareigh:

Let Me Breathe |


RIGHTS and wrongs

A driver's license gives to me,

The RIGHT to drive, legally;

I too get, the RIGHT to use,

Any public road I choose;

But if I drive, outside the lines,

I pay hefty traffic-fines.


Obligated to uphold,

A comprehensive safety code:

I should never, put at risk

The life, of another motorist;

While, I have the RIGHT to drive,

He has the RIGHT to stay alive!

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Terrible Sight

My interior is kind of crappy
I would fix the brain but I'm off my hinges
Don't believe the terrible sight
The wind only blows when I miss you
So does your cigarette smoke blow to me

Please don't 
Please don't dissipate 
Please don't dissipate into
Because I've been feeling kind of low

How far do I have to go until I find the old you
Because this new you has a material hold
On this ...

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A flash young male

seeing the older man

waiting at the bus stop

and without a bye your

leave, says: ‘Can I borrow

your phone mate?’ No. Was

the firm and adamant reply. Flash

Harry repeats again the brush

off word : ‘No’ as if in a mocked

surprise and rolls his shifty eyes.

The older man stands his ground,

the ‘try on’ sussed, and no doubt

the young guy only inwa...

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Also by Philipos:


Heads on a Pillow

entry picture

Just some more free verse that popped into my head. I think there is something for the sake of art in leaving something as it is etherically 'given' now and then....


Only my pillow knows

Where my mind goes

As I close my eyes

When I wake up

It says Nothing

Look as it lies there

Smug and Plump


It also knows

Where your head goes

When it's not next 

To mine


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Go 'Knifefree'

Yet another stabbing story to sadly unfold.
The cowards weapon, if the truth be told.
To wield a blade is neither tough or brave.
As another young life they attempt to save.

A potentially deadly way to attack or defend.
This knife carrying culture we have to end.
Educate youngsters the danger of the blade.
One flash can be fatal, the point to be made.

It's so unintentionally easy to take a...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

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My story

entry picture

My story

Saturday.31st August 2019


It tells my story

so sad and complete history

how came the love's abandonment?

and where am I at present?


I gave everything

and tried to bring

heaven on earth

but you gave me a slow death


I had weaved my dreams

and formed a very good team

you proved disaster

and made me a sufferer


I still live in an ol...

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entry picture


I've just invented

a new cocktail:


1) You don't get to know the ingredients

2) You don't get to know the type of container it comes in.

3) The price is not displayed;

4) You get the bill as you leave:

I've named it

- The Brexit -


Words and foto  Tommy Carroll

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Fooling Around


I walk around

like I know what I'm doing

what lies behind this facade

is uncertainty


I am able to fool most people

into thinking I am competent

people like to believe

in people


of course it's only a matter of time

before the truth is known

my one saving grace

is this


you can fool all of the people

some of the time

and sometimes


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Up and at it!

Window cleaner

wet rag whirls the dirt filmed glass

improving suns entry

quickening the rooms warmth

rousing  drowsy horizontal bed loving me

into happier spirited verticality


my head, day plans filling

time is empty boxes

I must chockablock with communal usefulness.


Hurriedly dressed and annihilating breakfast

in a flash of minutes

I am four-wheeling awa...

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The immaculate

I) Annunciation

A message great
Unmatched to date
From Almighty
Via an angel,
Irreverence against God
That does not tolerate,
To a pious girl immaculate
Was sent.

While the holy one
For a pray bent,
The angel Saint Gabriel,
Himself great
Descended from high
Above in the sky
And with reverence said
There is a message
To be told!

The holy one
Felicitate, for
In God’s fac...

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skake up

     The shakeup/anarchy

The Green party is in power

Not many cars on the streets

Asphalt is removed, cobblestones too.

They are planting trees and vegetables

The motorway is a strawberry field.

I don’t mind, pick fruit as I walk

To the tax office, which shut no one

Is supposed to pay tax anymore.

Airports are farms, planes are forbidden

They pollute too much.


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Shooting Angels

Shooting Angels


Most of us

We try

To scratch out

A living

With our broken bics

Blood and ink

Dripping meanly 

In a vague attempt 

To trace the idea 

Of a future

From somewhere 

Deep inside

And paint it 

Against the world

With its cruel way 

Of crumbling dreams 

Just before 

We reach them

Or wake up 

Or both


And we struggle so


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Also by Twilbury Wist:

The Mirage | and we burn |


entry picture



(This piece was inspired by eccentric Sydney 75yr-old sandwich-board wearer Danny Lim who was arrested, handcuffed and fined $500 for displaying a sign “SMILE CVN'T ! WHY CVN'T ?” after a single phone complaint. He appeared in court with his chihuahua-pomeranian Smarty. The magistrate was highly critical of the arresting officers and said the law was concerned wi...

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Total lunar eclipse

Totality in suffering,

The benign do come true,

After the storm.


Ghosts writhe in place,

And the melancholy gets to me,

At times.


Fathered in the delinquent,

And fostered in shadows,

Of the grave soon to be.


Ghost be gone,

This trumpet sounds,

Seeing to be once again.


Part of the symphony

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Slowly pulling myself up the cliff

Each inch closer to contentment 

It's what I want,  I swear 

I feel so bare

The darkness swimming to the surface

Soaking my skin

I'm beginning to forget 

That there's an end

It's not what I want

I want to float

This isn't my boat 

I don't get a boat

It's all sour, anyway

This lost poem

Left me alone in my head

Forgot t...

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Delusions of Grandeur

How can you adore me one day

and forget I exist the next? 

Was I just another notch 

in your belt? 

Why can’t you see that your world is 

darker without me,

the one who loves you 


Someday it will all make sense.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep convincing myself

you still care.



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addictiondelusionslovemental illnessrelationships


I'm going on a road trip

With my bestest friend

The greatest times I've had with her

And this won't be the end

We've been together for so long

Friends Forever, True and Strong

Without her

     my life

          would be so dim

My very bestest,

                 bestest friend

                             My one and only


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Les Miserables

Les Miserables

O Les Miserables, for short Les Mis,
Must be the greatest show there is.
It is one that should not be missed,
As it evokes all feelings that do exist

It contains much hope but can be tragic,
But it amazes just like magic.
It talks of justice and of redemption.
It is gripping and full of tension.

We witness the struggles of Jean Val Jean,
Who is given the number - 246...

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Les MiserablesMusicalsShowsStuart Vanner


entry picture



Look deep in her eyes,

you will see

The deepest of love,

There can ever be. 

She is loyal and sweet

Loves every treat. 

She loves to play,

Will even sit and stay.

Before she came I lost all purpose,

She gives me strength,

She gives me purpose,

She is my friend,

We are a special blend. 

Taking away loneliness,

Cuddled up for coziness.

She pr...

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assistance dogDogfaithful


entry picture

(First he asked the President to dissolve the Reichstag. Then he banned opposition parties.  Finally he introduced the Enabling Act to allow him to by-pass the Reichstag)


The crowds they cheered him joyously

“With one great leap we will be free”

It was the start of things to be

When Hitler brought the House down.


“Let’s end all this procrastination”

Spake the volk of ha...

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Also by John Coopey:



Artistry and craft can take many forms,

But I can readily understand

The sheer skill and expertise required

To re-attach a man's severed hand.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:





I’ve dug too deep and a reckless fork

has struck guts and gore

with a piercing hiss:

the smothering stink of dog remains.

I quickly cover a forgotten cadaver

but memory fastens upon the odour

and tugs me along again:

a guide-dog for the blind rejected

for showing fear when near traffic,

and a discomposing habit

of staring at the heavens. 

Neither trai...

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Bus Aik Mai Nahi! (Urdu)

Khamoshi se koi khusbu ko faila de…

Rotey bhilaktey dilo ko behla de…

Dhadkano ko chupke se kehla de…

Zindagi jiyo apne andaaz se… kehti, bus aik mai nahi!


Kaaley dilo ki mehfil me wo safedposh…

Ranjish nahi kisi se bus josh-o-kharosh…

Hone wale hote hai uss dekh-dekh behosh…

Badey pyaar se wo jaati hai chhu… kehti, bus aik mai nahi!


Badalo ke jaisi wo, alag hi ha...

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Also by ai ou:

Meiz Se Parheiz (Urdu) | Yellow Divinity |

urdu poetry

City Eyes

Concrete faces

Open their eyelids

And I take a look inside

Into a life that is not my own.

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Also by Adriana de los Angeles Diaz Rizo:

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City life

Black Jack

Pack the haversack Jack and hang it slack on the scatback,

Attack the track like a lightning crack all the way to the tamarack,

The Andoraks are in die back so don't backtrack to the black shack,

There's a carack on waters slack, with coin to hijack and bring back.

Ride bareback with your gripsack push hard through the hardhack,

Don't go offtrack with that knapsack or mess with its ...

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The Written Word



Energy of thought is a palpable force

And must be expressed, shared.

Pointing and patting, grunting, jumping,


Have limitations in interpretation.

So Language evolves - a living 'thing',

Also much limited, but better.


We honour the Ancients, those storytellers and bards

For their individual voices.

Their passion , their knowledge.


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Smoke signals

theirs was a language of nuance,
of words neither spoken nor written
crafted by connection not possible to voice
sparks flew when their eyes met
birthing spotfires in the landscape
billowing smoke cloaking the words
and carrying them on the wind
like smoke signals

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Also by Kate G:

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Blessed With A Curse -A Wretched Rhyme

There was a young lady whose nose

had the fragrance and shape of a rose!

But she was rather morose 

because everyone knows

that a person can't smell their own nose!

She crossed her eyes trying to look at it

which made her feel dizzy in a heartbeat!

Alas, she couldn't see it

and nor could she smell it

She couldn't even spell it!

All maudlin "Oh the irony!" she'd cry.


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War worsens

The life of not one’s

Tens, hundreds or thousands,

But by billions and trillions.


Battle is not

Betel to test

Rather bitter in test,

This kills core

And punishes more.


It is not a solution

To any problem,

Rather puts in conflict

Complexes the blame.


Shows their muscle power

Tussle their heads to win over,

Never see the ...

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Also by ajay kumar sahoo:

WONDER | A Follower’s Failure | THE ECHOING GREEN | agony |

Labyrinthine thoughts

Trying to find solace in

the confinement of our

solitary minds.

No physical straight jacket

restrains our limbs,

only a mental labyrinth,

turning each corner,

to be further trapped

inside a prison

of our own design.

Held like the minotaur,

are we to be sacrificed

to this beast?

who is our Theseus?

who will be our saviour?

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Phoney Life

Everyone's looking at their phone

Social media

Apps to luv ya

Apps to feed ya


Checking info

Gathering data

Texting friends

C U L8r

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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30 Pounds

This same poem is also in my biography. Its the one I hold dear to my heart.

                                          30 Pounds

I still remember laying in the fucking tub

holding my head because it was bleeding he

wasnt facing me so he couldn't see it.

He was still having a fit till he heard me say my head hurts it's


My lip was busted I had bruises all over me


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Icarus at the Beach

At 12, I rode my first dirt bike.
Don’t go too far, he said as he
Helped me coordinate the clutch
And throttle and set me down
The beach. I could have turned.
In theory, it should have been easy
On a flat and empty beach,
But what does a boy with this
Kind of power for the first time
Know about turning back?

No one had explained this part,
And I just held on and kept
Twisting the thr...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Momentary Bliss |


Bunch of shit, it...

wish I could quit it


Sucking in wind, it...

try to unhit it


Burning all round, it...

find what is lit, it.


Bitterness fills it...

trying to spit it.


Greediness grabs it...

wanting to split it.


Stealing from time, it...

the law is writ it.


Writhing in pain, it…

teeth on the bit, it.


Coming apart, it...


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second wind

My vitality feels resuscitated with every breathe we share

two halves of a heart

you are the oxygen that pumps, vestibule, pair of consonance heartbeats

bounce off the walls.

we jump up and down hand in hand

your touch warms through and lights a fire inside and around

sound mind when your whisper incites a riot

the night is charged, god particles in the air.

our souls dance...

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Also by Shawn Garcia:

Tranquility |

beautybreathehappinesslifelovelove makingnaturepoempoetryrelationshipsspiritualspirituality

It's A Kind Of Madness

I can see nothing appealing

In hanging upside down from a ceiling,


Or flying around at the dead of night,

Trusting to sonar instead of to sight,


And as for sucking blood from cattle or sheep,

Or people's extremities while they're asleep,


I can't think of anything worse,

It's absolutely perverse.


No, the more I consider the evidence,

The more I speak w...

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A melody of love

Breathing on your skin
your body my canvas
with every brush of
my rosy lips,
the sound of 
my voice,
a melody of my
... love
 a never ending
... passion 
for you ...

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Memory fades

like footprints ‘cross the beach

rinsed by relentless tides

to pass beyond my reach


and where are you

my fast forgotten dream

passed on to pastures new

like dead leaves on a stream


that paradise

an idyll lost in time

extinct in but a trice

a broken paradigm



pale ghost in morning mist

a shade no longer present

as if...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

School’s Out | Imagination | The Bean Sí’s Cry |

this house

this house is just a comfortable box

to hold my clothes, my shoes, my socks

it keeps me warm and safe at night

my shady cave when the world's too bright

yes, it's a place i can be off-guard

to hide my pain when life gets hard

it's a place i'm allowed to scream and shout

but i don't want to be safe now

                                               i want to go out

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Also by Eiren Water:

listen... | and i begin to fade | & love & need & love & need... | Tried, I did. | I said to him one afternoon... | story time |


In winter
Cave dragons’ cold breaths
The sliding serpents’ squeal
With open mouths welcoming

Carriage cars cradle
Quiet commuters
Go gently gliding
Songs and stories surround

Bodies passing brusquely
Eyes revealing nothing seen
In one shell into another husk
Awash in this subroutine

A system of total trust
The riders’ code of honor
Amused or brought to tears
Beside peculiar hy...

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It's three o'clock

Too tired to rock

But sleep a distant dream

I'm sure by five

I'll feel alive

All primp if not that preen

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The Memory of You

I felt the sunrise that was the warmth of your face,

But even in the heat my tears felt the same

Burned too hot so even the ice gave chase

And still I can remember your name


I listened for the whisper that would remind,

But even the ocean fell silent tonight

City lights make the stars hard to find

And still you remain hidden from sight


I waited by the shore beside...

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I'm posting this following a conversation I had with the botanist John Parker (Director, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 1996-2010) after a public reading from the book Deciphering Ancient Minds: The Mystery of San Bushman Rock Art by David Lewis-Williams and Sam Challis (Thames & Hudson, 2012). The South African San "bushmen" and their culture are a particular interest of John's, and we brie...

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A Sharp Intake

Realisations are sometimes horrific.

The empty biscuit tin, the final scrape 

of butter. The dirty penny from the jar.


Breath, when taken deeply, will

dislodge truths that were stuck

and locked, if we slowly exhale.


The way the men held me down 

and entered me that night, or the

last time you said you loved me. 

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