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I Take Things Too Far




















Taken out

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A Book

Why would anyone give up

Reading a real book

For a machine?

Holding a book,

Feeling its weight;

Feeling the paper of the pages

Between your fingers,

And actually turning pages

One by one.

With a book

The tactile sensation becomes

As much a part of the whole

As the words

And the use of language;

Blending the story and the book

Into a total experience.


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We Have a Brain in our Bum

entry picture

We Have a Brain in our Bum


Reported in our paper


Scientists have recently discovered

A second brain resides in our bum

Published in Journal Neurosci

This brain in our bum makes it hum


The colon contains many neurons

Millions of hard-working nerves

Firing in synchronous behaviour

Pushing contents down colon's curve


Why do they call it a secon...

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No guide, No hero

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The majesty of dogs impresses us –

Their solitary solidarity - the pack

Yet, above their grey horizons

There is a promise, lingering….


Often, these days, an ending

Is assumed, designed

To glorify the story of our lives:

Making children, seeing things, being here

Listening, to our hearts’ desires

We realise only yesterday

The sky darkened ...

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I’ll Take That!

If you want a win you’ll take a draw

‘Cos losing hits a nerve that’s raw

As good times go you’ll take the bad

An alternative to going mad

Now as for diets and keeping slim,

you’ll take whatever clothes your in

As long as they look reasonable enough,

to get the doubters to call your bluff 

You’ll take any odds on a winning horse

As long as the nag just finishes the course...

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entry picture


From lead and Blue John,
The list goes on:

Mineral water,
    Foliage-dressed wells,
Green-grass on the Slopes,
    Limestone dales,
Clay-tiled arcades,
    Plain-glass awnings,
Shaped-iron columns,
    Stained-glass ceilings,
Earthen garden-urns,
    Wooden inlays,
Soil in a cross,
    Pebble pathways,
And, had between wal...

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entry picture

The summer bade us farewell

as he strolled the river Irwell.

His mind constantly at war.


He perched upon its banks

yet with no reverence or thanks

cast stones to make tranquil, no more.


“How is a man to be himself,

chasing dreams of elusive wealth?”

His being felt rotten to its core.


"Ravaged with external voices

I lament the infernal choices

that ma...

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Spacing far away

entry picture

Hours turn into darkness 

Time freezes deeply

Far away in between 

Ripping me apart

Sounds of bangs

Curling into repetition 

Disconnecting my soul

Far away my eyes lock

Hard to feel reality ​​​

Cheerful creatures 

I see nonstop 

apart from me

Eyes daily spacing

internity wishing 

The gun bangs 

Weren't for you 




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What in life did she really know

It's not what it all seems

Now all covered by the snow

Buried are her dreams


A blanket made of icy white

Lies heavy on her soul

Passing is each day and night

Life has taken its toll


Beneath the bitter cold

Tears of sadness fill her eyes

What she believed was real in life

Was nothing more than lies


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When I wonder what's wrong
When I think whats going on
A Voice said 'this is what you did
Not much love exists to feed.
Tides will not change the future
Might just believe it, forever
Believed that the eyes I see
Truth in them will set me free.
Taking a huge dose of the drug
Never know what's beneath the rug
Chemical changes inside me
They will not let me be.
Let me be the free bird fl...

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Also by Spiralize:

Despair |



The Skeleton



The silence of a dead home 

is always loud

Cries are heard in every corner

Tears pour out from the taps

Shadows lurk in the dark


Life is gone

Every drop of it squeezed 

from a sponge into a sewage

What’s left is a skeleton 

Naked ribs and bones 

sticking from dead walls


At the centre there used to be 


Strong and hopeful beating 


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Gazing into my eyes with such ferocity

Am afraid I'll melt into a puddle of flesh and bones

The passion like a burning fire behind your eyes

I sadly come back to my personal hell : Reality

When you're down to Earth

1D said you'll know how hard it hurts

They say you know when you're in L-O-V-E

Pepper me with kisses to prove it all

Cliche dates and movie nights

Fancy dinne...

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Comparing Zebras


Comparing zebras
all black and white

How do you distinguish
they all look alike

Yet to them
we too appear likewise

In truth not everything
is black or white.

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runing games

My face is a carpet

a place  for your feet

a race I will never win

my hands are for carrying your things

my legs are to carry your heavy being

my arms are to support you

my heart is useless so its never grew

my eyes see only what you see

I was made only for you

would you please take me

tormenting questions about who aim

ended when i saw you ma’am

don’t make me l...

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Also by racha:

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Going Out For Cigarettes

We waited for details
throughout the night.
We ate toast and jam,
sipped instant coffee.
Phones ran out of credit.
Those moments defined us.

Danny never listened to me.
The worst of all his moves.
A man proficient in Geography
trusted with the treasure.
Your money, your girl, your car.
“We’ll only be an hour,” she said.

I heard it on the news.
A house burnt down in Luton.
They sa...

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schizophrenia life

ppl call me a freak cause of visons i see have u ever seen a woman hanging right in front of with it dark have u ever heard ppl screaming have you ever tried to commit suicide have you seen something dark then told some1 n your the laughing stock ppl tell u stop makin up illusions have you ever been placed in a mental hospital an still your schizopreina went outta wack welcome to my life

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Suppose I had no speech then what would I be,

I would never know the joys of being free,

Suppose then I was not allowed to be free,

I would never now the joys of being me,

Suppose then I was not allowed to be me,

I would never know the joy of having my own destiny,

Suppose then I was not allowed a destiny,

I would never know the joy of my reality,

Suppose then I was no...

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Your quiet smile

loud in my head

listening eyes

speaking when

touch removed


sorrow returns



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2018

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Love at Last

Love at Last


My sexual awakening took place encased in a tomb

a claustraphobic space which haunted my thoughts

I existed in this obscure place fearful of exposure

my desires and yearnings seen as obstacles


To articulate my orientation would create living hell

fear became all pervasive in this perpetual tomb

It was prudent to say nothing to no one

the merest hint o...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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You shouldn’t be the one to have the fear of dying alone 

I now see that it is I who has that fear

 I can feel you letting go, your not holding as tight 

 I feel your I loves you turn into a habit 

 Your going to go far in life 

I’ll be here rotting in this rundown town 

 You said forever 

 But I can tell that this year you’ll find a different forever 

 The way you talk to ...

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Also by Akira:

I should |


We Our as simple as Adding An Subtracting, I add. An you Subtract. In some ways more than other’s we make more sense then not. We Define an Defeat The Odd’s.

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Also by RandomBubbles:

Dying Flame 🔥 |


A series of 11 short poems


End of a Galaxy


A blink

In the silent depth of night



As the last leaf of the beech tree

As the silent tear of my love




End of Harmony


I see her dancing on the sands


I see her                                     as she sees me

and in that moment

sand, sea, sun, surf

vanish in the vortex



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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Succubus | Contrapuntal |




Ever so smooth


Bedside still

Soaking broken bones

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Stone cold this un-amazing

coffin show when somehow

I expected majesty.


Time's march had stacked

up countless hours until

the second the drumbeat ceased

and sentience took its leave.


It vanished instantly,

a gasping thin-air ghost

to where whatever drove it knows.


So odd with his lips shaped

to form an empty sneer

and powde...

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El Hotel

Currently in Corralejo

Weather is warm and dry

The hotel has a gym and spa

which I can't be arsed to try


I lie on my lounger and fry

Have a swim in la piscina

Not looking forward to going home

to the likes of Keith and Tina

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Driving responsibly

entry picture

It's not those

who drive the tank

It's not those

who make it

but it is they

who set its course

crushing history

as they fake it.


Words and image by Tommy Carroll

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

The Astronomer's gaze |

Keep Your Children Close

Keep your children close . Try all you can and more . Trafficking is the greatest threat . And its happening more and more . Children are bought and sold . Used and abused all the time . They say they are part of a family but keep them in your mind . They are used for arranged marriages the younger the better the sweeter they are . Ordered like a shopping list another of a child abusers crimes .

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Poetry plays role

entry picture

Poetry plays a role

Saturday, 14th July 2018


Poetry is everywhere

around you and everywhere

in ponds, rivers and in nature

just develop the vision for sure


the cuckoo sings in the morning

the birds make the sweet voice in the evening

it has the same music as we have

but they have the system to behave


rain showers create differently some pleasant scenes


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Restless (Sequel)

Writing in circles again
I'm chasing your tail
to edge of pointlessness

The nihilistic streak in me
vibrates at the thought of you
It's like I take my pulse
while getting your name tattooed

You've got your phantom hook in me
just deep enough to tear
welcome back
o, welcome back...

The most concise statement I ever etched
the most desperately impassioned verse s...

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no more second chancesreturningtrying again

Being loved by Mam.

I was shaped by her hands.

Knew the honour in no tears by the age of eight,

whatever the pain.

A bruise was easy, blood bubbled

under the skin.

Cuddled by fists was better than the nothings of silence.

Before her rage shook the house,

shook my bones,

Shook myself until I flew out the window.

Sheltered under the dandelion.

Wet the bed.

Words left welts, stripes of h...

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Wait for me

Remember that girl on the street 

She's still there for you 

She never wanted to leave 

She just did what was right at the time 

Fighting for survival 

Fighting to breathe 

Can't believe someone else looks into those eyes 

Can't believe someone else took what was mine 

So Angel just wait for me 

Angel just wait for me 

You And I can be free


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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

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entry picture

To all you brave young shavers contemplating marriage vows

I offer this advice to ward off arguments and rows.

The Vicar he will tell you, ‘‘Marriage is a partnership’’

But very soon you’ll find out when the pretence starts to slip

That your experience mirrors mine which (only half in jest)

Is on every single matter –

I’ve found Our Gert knows best.


You may think the time...

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Also by John Coopey:



I noticed Jeremy Hunt at the front

adjusting his tie for the world watching,

where actors playing Churchill were filmed

 bully beef rotting on the vine

the squatting of force prepared.

For once the dramatics were plain to see

a sense of occasion contained,

body clocks at ground zero


flies assembled around shit that smelled so fresh

designed to be impressed. 


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Also by ray pool:


Despair Made Me Stronger (Poem)

My deepest moments of despair, 


Brought about my strength,


And perseverance and faith.


The moments I so wanted an escape, 


Were the moments I prayed and praised 


Despite the heartache.


The moments of despair   


Reconciled me into appreciation.


It’s what pushed me to be grateful, 


Despite the trash in my back pack.



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Also by Danny G.:

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Depressionwill powerwisdom


They say "Hope is a good thing,
And maybe the best of things, 
And no good thing ever dies."

But good things do die,
And so do good people, 
Even when hope exists.

How do you have hope 
When for fifty years you've seen
Good things and good people die?

And what good is hope 
In unsurvivable circumstances 
And unrealistic scenarios?

Hope becomes a knife
Dug further into the woun...

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

Wasting Time | Brave Soul | Stained Glass |

blown it

entry picture

blown it


remember when you were a kid

and you got some tracing paper

and wrapped it round that thing

you use on your hair –

and blew to get a tune out of it?

a sort of cross between

a rasp and a kazoo

rasping and


making music

that irritated

and annoyed

your whole family



last night

during a particularly boring

football matc...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Red Herrings | The Weeping Angel |



blowing itcomb & papereliminationi'll get me coatmaking musicworld cup


She says ordering her groceries from Tesco's Online always makes her cry.

The miserable thick cut sliced ham

And sordid corned beef slices.

Always too much for one on their own.

Most of it thrown away.

I offer Grandma a hug.

No, no hugs now dear, she says.

She fears her brittle bones couldn't take the strain of a hug.

Though he's a good hugger, she says, that Gavin Westbroo...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

The Collar |

2,190 Steps Back

It's ironic.  

How sweetly your lips felt the last time I kissed them so fucking toxic.  

This heart dropped to a stutter my stomach went instantly nauseous.  

You are so hypnotic my emotions became hypnotized.
Blinded by empty promises turned into lies.  

And I still deny that I am being pulled from both ends.  

I still pretend you aren't shredding me apart because I still bend to your will...

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Also by Lane J. Yarbrough:

Her | Overthrown | If Nothing, Let There Be Nothing | Flowers Grow Where Ashes Fell | When I Think Of You | Push |

The childrens poems 16 Madison


You were 4 or 5 

months  old

and I sat

in that neural


office for what seemed

like days.


your mother and

I listening

to the results

of all of the

tests and blood

work and

MRI results.


the bottom line

you wouldn't

roll over your

focus on things 

was so slight

and scattered.


there seemed to

be a disconnect...

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Also by david patrick simon:

The childrens poems 15 Graham | The children poems 14 (Kasey) | The children poems 13 (Joseph) |


I was still upset when I woke this morning;

How did Croatia win?

How did they snatch those touches

That saw their goals go in?


England had the chances

To put the game to bed,

And the memory of them dances

Forlornly in my head.


There's no advantage in "fast forward"

If mis-laying or mis-playing the ball;

Golden opportunities

Gone beyond recall.



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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Dead Fathers

entry picture

They say we carry the dead with us,

And most are surprised by the weight.

We hoist them up on our shoulders,

And imagine our strength is adequate.


But invariably we fault and stumble.

We stagger and trip and fall

We can’t see a way out of this trouble

Each partition becomes a wailing wall


We drop them in the middle of our marriage.

We trip over them when we try...

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Our Lions

Take down the flags
Wind in the bunting
It's not our time
We know it's not coming
Or shop fronts and homes
Will soon seem empty
But the sea of St George
Will be a glorious memory
Hold your head high
As echoes of cheers ring loud
Faith restored;
You've done us all proud
This time was different
You wrote your own story
A summer of hope
A dalliance with glory
You've brought us passion

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Frizzies and milo

Cigarettes and milo
A sweet art work combined
Milky and soft
loving and willing united
Is it lasting like a packet of frizzies
Dancing under the stars in between cards
Laughter echoing 
Laughter that was lost

So now i look at frizzies and milo
Hoping laughter echo in the stars forevermore

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Also by Amj:

navy and white | Heart is where home is |


You told me everything I needed to know about your life. 

Weirdly it was the worst part of you, that lured me in.

Maybe my soul finally identified with this seductive evil you're so ashamed of.

I continued to listen as you spoke your truth. How did you not expect me to fall in love, is all I ask...

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entry picture

"Sometimes when someone says that there are two people set for one another, two people meet destiny.

I believed waiting for that day until you came to an unexpected time and time.

You came to the fall of the leaves, you came. And I can not believe that what I believed to be true. As we watch you seem to be watching for me, are we being met? At the downstairs visit where you were with the gui...

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A Marriage of Ghosts

entry picture

A Marriage Of Ghosts


Something old; crumbling bones.

Something new; innocent youth.

Something borrowed; parental beliefs.

A bride forever blue.


Flesh bound to ash and bone.

A knot ties the living and dead.

Union of child and corpse, rotting.

Protection from cursed health and poverty.


Escaping abandonment, in a death shed,

destined by ancestral expectati...

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entry picture

I was absolutely furious

the other day

when I realised that


had nicked my apostrophe


but the worse crime

was committed

by the person who returned it


put it back in the wrong place!!!

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Also by J R Harris:

Southport line IV: 1971 (Easter outing to Southport from Wigan Wallgate Station) | Mickey Dalton | Remembering the River Douglas |

Emeralds, Cannock Chase

entry picture

Emeralds, Cannock Chase


We set sail

on an earthbound,


Emerald sea.


Locked to the land

we voyage hand-in-hand,

Where dreams we chase

are deer that race,

Limitless and free. 

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Used to

I used to be happy

I used to smile

But I am broken

It's been this way for awhile


I used to dream big

I used to be strong

Life got in the way

And it didn't take long


Lying in bed

My heart is racing

My mind won't shut off

These thoughts that I'm facing


Maybe they're better off

Without the burden of me

I feel so lost and alone

I can sense th...

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Also by missbethrose:

Please Come Back | Broken |



The Broken Doll.

entry picture

I'm just a broken doll, Unfortunately, no one can see. I was beaten and battered, But no one could have saved me.

It all began when I was alone on the shelf. The cruel world took me and I couldnt cry for help. I sowed my mouth shut and continued to smile. Nobody is coming to help, not for a long while.

I'm just a broken doll, Now everybody knows. Please forgive me for I do not know how your ...

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be kindbrokenkindnesssorrow

Get up and Gone

Get up and Gone


I remember when my uncle, with watery eyes,

Told me how his get up and go

Had got up and gone.

We were looking at the framed photo of his wife,

40 years together, and now only one.

His shoulders shook, a man once so strong,

Used to laughter, drinks and quick with a quip or joke.


And I remember when I too lost sight of the sun,

My vision blurred,...

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Also by mike booth:

Hi Tech Granny | When Clio met Rio... For Better or Verso... | A Train of Thought |



So There! #2

One blurt of temper

And a hurt friend

Smashing the fun

Of playing together.

Regret pinching

Like a stone in the belly

'Sorry. Sorry!'

But not said.


And still – still –

The jutting chin

Hand on hip

An insolent pitch of pelvis

'So there!'

Which feels really good

And awful

At the same time.


It makes you think

Of mirrors -

Your reflec...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

So There! |


Sometimes my mind walks to heel

Sometimes it runs off into the woods

It ignores my calls

At times it gets entangled in its lead

And it strains at the leash

With no idea where it wants to go.





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Also by Hazel ettridge:

Us and Them | Change |

The Poem:


May be read or unread
that is not our concern

bloom spontaneous in hermetic mind.

May be misunderstood
or diluted in time
no matter

restoreth a most ancient faith
by a most novel innovation.

May wield the harsh weapons 
of a vengeful orphan

distracts a fool from his folly
installs a world unnoticed.

May be a phial of stage blood
to stain the sea red


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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Sonnet |



লস্ট ইন ট্রান্সলেশন

entry picture

সবারই তো মনে মনে ব্যবসা

কত না গোয়া মারে মনে মনে

সকলই সকলকে

হায় হাছান হায় হোছেন

জান ফেটে তো বাহির হয়া যাইতেছে সব-

মেধা আর প্রেম


হালে পানি নাই-

পানি নিয়ে ভাবনার গোলটেবিলে

নিজের সঙ্গে নিজেই খেলে ফেলতেছি কয়েক দান

রক পেপার সিজার্স


আর তুমি মিয়া মিটিমিটি খালি শীষ দাও,

একেলা গুনগুনাও লিউনার্ড কোহেন

হায় সম্ভাবনা_ তোমাকে হাতখরচ করে ফেলতেছি

জল রঙের মত(ন) রঙ তু...

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I am not locked up, I am the lock.

I am keeping a secret with myself

for myself,

clutching it within like a bird’s claw,

the carrier pigeons have been shot,

guess I forgot to warn the men with rifles,

suppose it wasn’t a clay pigeon after all.

My mouth is a gold crested envelope,

my lips are licked with wax:

they are an inked kiss,

the pout is the stamp,

my mind is the scroll:

bound and bound,


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behind the maskfeminismhiddeninternalpowerfulprivacysecretstrongword play

I go on forever...

entry picture

Life goes tough, roads seem rough, 

I went, I go, I go on forever.... 


The boats sails, the idea fails, 

I tried, I try, I try on forever.... 


Eyes filled with tear, no one to hear, 

I cried, I cry, I cry on forever.... 


When troubles fear, came a lovely dear, 

I laughed, I laugh, I laugh on forever.... 


I compromise, to keep my promise, 

I made, I ma...

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hard worklifeLife struggle

she runs

God spoke to me on a ledge today

Telling me to not slide away

God warmed my body

From all the fears inside

God told me love does not hide


She came to me in a rush today

Only to show her twenty six years

give it all away

She moved past us all

And gave no thought into the night

or the day to come


These days and fields you’ll never see again

Ill be there...

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Also by R.T. Pait:

Lost |

A Marriage of Ghosts - July 2018 Collage Poem

entry picture


Aqueous humour's not very funny

Neither is how easily we forget

The story of each other's pain


Arranged marriages of spirits and the

remnants of deep pain


The sky is a plush blue velvet

Its papery clouds are upon it

As if they are lace - the 

Dew glistens on the grass

Like numerous bright eyes looking

Up at the sky


The wrong arrangement can be d...

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collage poemJulyOne eyedStockport Write Out Loud

Blubber boy.

He's fallen to his death on his plastic toy sword. 

To number ten from playpen his final reward.

This graceless coup is no coup de grace. 

No comedy of euros,  a cabinet farce, 

an egotistic act from flabby flatulent arse.


He'll be all over telly soon 

our fatty blundering hot air buffoon.

Puffing Shakespeare and Latin.

Please down let that twat in. 

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Boris JohnsonBrexitConservativesEUpolitics

the fall (07/08/2018)

gravity wells 
bending light into silvery pines forty feet below 
grainy seas of tug o wars
simulations of bodies sent
to splinter off one another 

it's not always easy 
to give me your love.

skins shared and sloughed off 
staccato cracking and cackling
Pots boiling and churning
pigs roasted, stripped for crackling 
yet the fall was so cold

so still

rememberance in reverberanc...

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I seriously considered it


entry picture

She waits for twelve more minutes,
Raindrops touching the glass windows.
She sits on a bench watching,
People wait for their chosen flights.

Beyond the glass pane she looks,
How the wind collides with the rain,
How he comes without a note,
Walking slowly towards her soul.

The rain continues to pour,
How every wish hopes to come true,
"Where do I go now?" she asks,
While he welcomes her ...

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#love #romance #dedication #poetry

DCBMTHAC(Don’t Come Back My Time Has Already Come

How you gonna try to come back 
You the one that ran away like track
Man like a x I don’t want you back 
I told you trust the process 
You wouldn’t even do that 
When u left I heard you a nat a thot a hoe 
Nah I don’t miss that 
You took me as a joke you shouldn’t have did that 

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in snapping traps.


Snapping traps,

to catch the scraps.


Oh what wonders beyond the teeth,

that flights of fancy devour beneath. 

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'My' lavender

I am looking at you in my tiny back garden, planted when I first arrived at this place I now call home.

The sight of the worker bees filling their honey stomach from your bountiful blooms fills me with joy.

Your beautiful hue brightens the dreariest of days, and adds to the beauty of the sunniest moments.

The smell of your flower carries me to gentler, more peaceful planes where my mind c...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

So inattentive and so frail |



R’ Ava xx

I read somewhere that "your wings were ready but our hearts were not",

It got me day dreaming, searching a lot,

Was your time always destined to play this way,

The promise of a life time, cruel intention, never meant to stay?!


I've told myself over and over and again,

That today is a gift, earned hard in yesterday's pain,

We gave you life, the sweet bond built with your moth...

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Also by John Prior:

Broken Wings | Got to Talk | White Stick |

Howling Cherokee Winds

entry picture

{Howling Cherokee Winds}



The howling cherokee

winds that was blowing

through the mountain

tops down to the rivery

meadows below as the

night moon shadows

was reflecting off the

rivery meadows as the

birds was nesting for

the night the mountain

valley meadows was

silent but the only thing

that you could hear was

the longing of the howling

of th...

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Also by Deadly Sinful Witch:

Incompetent | Satan's Child | Drape The Flag Over My Casket | My 👼 Angel Brother Rob | Do You Feel Them? | Don't Care~Don't Want To Heart It | The Everescents Of A Killing Killers Mind | One Knife | He's So Peaceful When He Sleep's | Shadow's Of The Darkness | Murderous Tears | Lies~Lies And More Lies | 😘 To My Husband 😘 | My Truest Love Of Mine | Lovin The White Blow | Broken Scarred Up Angel In Her | She's A Ghostly Woman |



Native American poemsnative American poetrynative American storiesOne_Pissed_American_Ghost_Writer\Tina GloverpoempoetryTina Glover

England's Lions Roar Once More

entry picture

Sweden is the country that now stands before us

We will play our hearts out for our kingdom

England take to the field as the nation holds its breath

We have no time for the Stockholm syndrome

In Samara we go into another memorable battle

90 minutes will hopefully be enough to make the last four

If it goes to extra time or a penalty shootout

England's men will show the Scandina...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

England's Lions Roar |

WORLD CUP 1966 personal recollections

WORLD CUP 1966 personal recollections

Blue dressed bridesmaid


Bolt down the food, get through the speeches.

Drink up the wine – what’s the time?

Time to put down the serviettes.

Time to …………

Tension is building - Tighter, harder, bolder

The groom, the best man and every one of the ushers are at the starting gate.

More interested in the future than the present.



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1966bridesmaidEnglandpleasureWinnersWorld Cup


Another night fades into light, the hunger comes in waves. This terrible love is calling, it’s deathly price I pay.

I seek and search down streets of grey for the green god of earth, I need her gift, his song, her dance, his power to betray.

I find my love, my hate, my need whose embrace I’ll forever seek. Her scent the memory of flowers, of mothers milk, of distant peaks.

I shake, I brea...

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once upon a time

 Once  upon a time


I was, it seems like 100 years ago,

on an old fashion cargo ship, the carried all sorts

from potatoes, flour, machine parts, plastic flowers,

and tinned fruit, meat, and hats for the wife of the president

in Honduras.

For some reason, there was a door in my store room

it led into a cargo hold I filled the larder till it looked

like a corner shop. My...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

the merchant fleet | vanishing flowers | alove story to | appreciative | ethnicity |


2000hours 18-08-1929

Together we stood, Hands locked up
We were ready for all, Together I thought.
This is desert ,You probably realized
Yanked off your hands, And ran so far
You got to your new destination
Rubbed in my face, your luxury
It rained, It ‘sunned’
I stood in it, all alone and drew strength
I created a home for me
Passersby, visitors
I could smile to them all
Rain, Sun

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when you walked out of my life
nothing really felt the same
I walked the streets in the darkness looking for someone to blame
The windows of my eyes blacked out
The door of my mind shut
decided who was worth saving during the cut

when you walked out of my life
I listened to Travis Bickle that day
he told me I am god's lonely man and that it should stay
my bullets of the barrel of your gun

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Stronger than hate

There was never a God in our civilized world

Who commanded his people to kill

Never a reason, a doctrine or law

Never has been and isn't one still

We will not surrender

We're standing together 

You will not determine our fate 

Our country's united 

We won't be divided 

Because love is much stronger than hate 


Written after last year's terrorist attacks in London ...

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What is in my shoebox?

entry picture

Mum’s stepladders have seen

better days, just like her

tired old house. The steps only

come out to play when

I wash the lower floor windows,

once a year.


They creak and strain under

my weight, I wait on the second

step – just in case. And I notice

a fine collection of cobwebs

where the cracked coving meets

the greying Artex ceiling.


Maybe the s...

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Also by Darren J Beaney:

Ghosts from the past (by appointment only) | Leave your lashes here | All at sea |


Today was tough

My mother is upset with me, really upset

and it's all my fault

she is always last to find things out

I have got to learn to own up to my mistakes 

I have to grow up and learn to be honest with my mother 

even though I know it may result in me dissapointing her 


What other way is there? 

the more I lie

the more I hide from the truth or keep the truth ...

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#acceptance #mom #honesty #understanding

be unbreakable

entry picture

run,run, run girl run!.

run from people who keep on pushing you down,

run from people who keep on  back stabbing you,

run from people who don't believe in you

run girl run!

no matter how many times you slipped 

no matter how many times you fall

no matter how the world ruins your all

just keep on running,

don't stop running,

save yourself from wrecking.

they might c...

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Also by Shiara Doncillo Bantawig:

the fan girl |



High priced clothes, foreign cars, money, hoes,

living the good life, trips around the world living right

but you missing something in your life.

Even though you have the money you looking around like “where my friends go?”

You chased them away because you thought you was something

flexing on "em" making big money


In a blink of an eye God took it all back

now you stu...

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Fifty Shades Of Freckle-Faced Dalek

i fell so hopelessly in love with a freckle-faced dalek
she was sitting in the park on a swing farouche alone
yet we got chatting and one thing naturally led to the other
so we rolled into a nearby quarry
where she plugged the scintillating us into a pylon
we mind-melded moons stars power-stations and suns
please don't feel envious of our cosmical abandon 
or this most unique slap-and-tickl...

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Dalek poetryDr Who poetryhumorous poetrypost-rock poetrysatirical poetrysci-fi poetry

Salisbury Scratch and Sniff

entry picture


Better not!
Mother, there's a Spy in me Pie.
There we were minding our own business and a former undisclosed agent and his daughter walk in.
I've just this minute finished incinerating my clothes.
Honest to God, there is no peace to be had.
Come summer the kids will be swopping footy cards with pictures of Russian Ultras.
Bored by Brexit, they needed a distraction and boy did they get o...

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Also by Red Button:

The Hobo from Hoboken |

what it was

it was fireworks and it was scotch lifted from craig’s mums special cabinet and it was the knowledge that she knew she knew and he would not soon shift the bruising and it was sat on the kerb passing the bottle and it was telling your mother you had gone to meet a girl at the cinema and it was her smile and she knew but she was post-war helpless and it was holding hands in the puff of smoke cold a...

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An ordinary girl

Seeking for an extra ordinary world

Sailing towards a motion of whirl

With sails already furled


Upon arriving in an unknown territory

She was eager to explore

Ones' self is the only thing she carries

Full of courage you had never seen before


Jumping down to set foot on land

She took a glimpse of the wide earth beneath her

Stepping on greener...

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An Ode to Depression

Her soul, once whole,

Hollow like a cave,

Inching towards the grave.

Empty like the lies,

Told by her eyes.


They ask, "why all the pain? Are you insane?"

All my efforts in vain.

The simple key that will last a mile,

A fake and empty smile,


Trasparent, they say, elusive as ever

Telling her to live forever, never say never,

But her feelings, now here's a tw...

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Also by L.B.D:

An Ode to Depression | An Ode to Depression |



Bipolar depression sadnessdepressionsocial problemsssself harmsuicide

Letting Go

Letting go

When it’s time you will know

You will feel it

That is all

Don’t resist it

Just allow it and let it go

Its time because you feel it, you just know

So peacefully let it go 

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Also by Christine Renshaw:

Pissing Up The Wall | Shame | Ravenscar- The Town That Never Was |

Let's Go

Let’s go to where

Giants often sit and stare

Where dragons puff for air

With golden rainbows in their hair


Let’s fly atop

A diamond-feathered hawk

To the moon and take a walk

And dance past thirteen o’clock


Let’s sail away

Far beyond all time

Encompassed in our lights

To the center of our minds


A place that makes you high

A place that makes you...

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Schizophrenia 2



It’s my skin,

my guardian:

it’s in me and on me,

it is me.

I’m stress,

I’m a pounding heart

bound to burst,

I wrench you from sleep.


You can’t talk to him

because if you do

I’ll slice you to pieces

with a prop-axe.


You can’t tell anyone

because if you do,

you’ve betrayed me

and you won’t come back.



Your words don’t r...

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Also by Ferris Taylor:

Schizophrenia 1 |


Againnecessarilypoetry is not autobiography

The Romulus Triangle

entry picture

My frustration never ends

It butts in like a question

And Tuesdays are so blind

To my hopeless, heedless mind

I want to fall 

Into your endless, open

Wall of discomfort

Front seat never looked inviting

But I enjoyed the thought

Of sitting there anyway

I don't want to stand in front

I wanna catch it on fire

From below

There's no show I want to see

Or be I j...

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Three moons

Being here

is the same as

being there.

That day I sat

in the garden

looking up at

three moons

raising a glass 

to each one of

me. Little

did I know

Where I'd be.

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Am at a park,wondering why me ?

what did i do wrong

i tried to be perfect for you 

i tried to be just and worthy of you

but it was not enough 

like i was not your desire 

like your mind was not here with me

i felt lost and deep in thoughts 

scrambling, looking for answers to all our questions 

questions only you can answer 

make me understand what is going on


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don't be late

the day starts and ends as a series of rituals
composed of prearranged stepping stones
with carefully laid-out objects as waymarkers


getting lost along the way is not an option
alarm clock set for 6.28 precisely
face and torso wash
a measured combing over of what's left
clothes laid out in an orderly fashion
dressed for breakfast in suit and tie


there's porridge in a packet
no ...

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Also by Colin Hill:

a meaningful existence is only fleetingly glimpsed between the chaos of our everyday lives . . . |

Moon's Fault

Oh Moon in my eyes
Why pull, You, 
Iridescent tides?
Radiently sparkle their lines
Snakey tranced procession
Single file
File into my eyes
Moon, oh Moon
You command mists
Bid them arise
Saline clean 
Wash away fear
Ugly fear and lies
Oh, Moon, most fair
Earth cries upward
Filters through my hair
Oh, Moon, my dearest
All globe's water
At eye corners appearest 

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choice theory

I used to think concrete meant real

that if I could touch the words I spoke 

they would settle into the earth 

and grow like flowers


Soon I learned that real is relative

that cement blocks collapse

under the weight of our perceptions

leaving only dust


These crushed particles of reality

float at random past our eyes

obscuring our ability to see one another


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Going online dating, swiping left, swiping right
Finding a great picture of a gorgeous woman
Exploring her profile and liking words of pen
To say meaningful "hi", hoping a reply sight

Once the connection made to the swarming questions
That triggerthe intrigue of a possible meet
Imagining beauty in this magical greet
Setting up coffee date for the proper actions

Getting properly dressed...

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entry picture

A tarnished cafe in a faded square

An inbred stocky knave with bushy brows, peg teeth

And two giggling sluts


A black dude enters in night-sky overalls

Orders food and coffee

Sits down, minding his own business


'I fucking hate his fucking black face!'

Blurts the inbreed, triumphant

His peg-toothed grin cocooned in giggles


Walking past the same place

Now ...

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Heart Beat

Listen to the ticking clock
and witness me take another breath.

Listen to the rhythm of
my life
and tell me to turn back to the last channel.

But allow the vibrating bass to
remind you that this  
song is what allows me to feel the tune
that I simply cannot hear with just my ears.

Watch me as I continue to live
with ever-changing favorite songs 
that all ...

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depressionmedicationmental health


I'm ok. Overworked and underpaid. 
But what's it to them, they have it all made. 
I'm tired and pained but if it wasn't for the gain,
I wouldn't be out slammin out here jammin like it's fame. 
If I knew what it was all about
In the end would they pay out?
If i saw through all the lies and the cheats,
If they didn't cover our eyes, mouth, and nose with the sheets, 
And we saw what the money...

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How To Be A Human

Now your bleached blonde hair is getting fine and old

And you’ve taken all your pills

So you’re at the store

Asking policies on early replacements because you just ran out and already can’t take it

And your family doesn’t trust you

Cause we’re lined in a row

Waiting to get shot by the men in plaid coats

And we’re working everyday so we don’t become the ghost

That haunted u...

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A Friendship Divided By Land and Sea (Literally)

The water is up over her head.

No sound can get through the barrier of liquid.

Cienna finds herself with a choice.

Stay here in her underwater paradise,

or go back to the torture of life above.

No, i cannot. Never again.

No more of the pain the sunny days and happy people bring.

None of the agony the families bring about when they look at her with pity.

So sad, they say, th...

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Also by Elle Mehltretter:

Nightmares |

Summertime should never die

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