'F' the FDA

So many medical advances

Technology forever enhances

But what are the chances

That they are being honest,

And not leaving their patients pissed

About the complications that exist

Of which they were none the wiser

Until the technology is inside ‘em

And they are experiencing the pain

That the FDA could have saved

If only it wasn’t for the loop hole

That leaves the rest of us sore

Stating if it’s similar to an old one

It doesn’t require any testing

(even if if the old model was shit

And hurt people quite a bit)

 For the doctors, nurses and surgeons

To implant them into our bodies

Then whilst we all suffer

They swim in their money

Not caring for our losses

But only their own personal gain

And years down the line, they remain

Advertising those same treatments

And devices, that caused us all this pain

Then a few years in advance

The next green eyed swine

Decides to take his chance

Tweaking the abominations model

Then distributing it under this loop hole

Creating another endless cycle

of pain and lives ruined

for the sake of the paper idol

to which many men worship

check medical researchcheck your factscompaniesdon't take their word for itdont fall into the medical trapend essureessureessure'sFDAJohnson and Johnsonloop holeMalpracticeneeds to be knownnot a conspiracypainpaper idolsave your bodystill advertising treatments that hurt everyonetechnologytrust your guttruth

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Hayley Taylor

Tue 31st Jul 2018 13:57

Thank you all for the comments! I wasn't sure how well this one would sit or go down as it's not my typical forte, but I'm glad it went down a treat ? more like this to come in the future, as and when something comes to mind ?

<Deleted User> (19836)

Mon 30th Jul 2018 21:30

An excellent piece of writing! I'm impressed!???

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Hannah Collins

Mon 30th Jul 2018 18:57

Strong writing about a subject rarely discussed.


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Hayley Taylor

Mon 30th Jul 2018 18:03

thankyou big sal. wow that is appalling :O I live in the UK but I know it sucks real bad in America where health and medical aid is concerned, and often over there medical procedures or fixes are unobtainable or go 'wrong' 'coincidentally', which is appalling. It's bad enough you have to pay so much let alone pay to fix things when they go wrong. Or pay to see someone to be told you can't have the Treatment you need because it hasn't been approved when so many abominations of devices are approved to be implanted into people which cause significant health problems as well.

America is so money and corporation fuelled I feel bad for you guys

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Hayley Taylor

Mon 30th Jul 2018 17:59

Not often I write a poem up so quickly and about something as factual as a documentary or topic such as this. Rhythm was most definitely not my top priority with this one haha. Just want to get the message out there in hopes i can help prevent people enduring the same fate as those before them ?

Big Sal

Mon 30th Jul 2018 17:57

The medical industry in America overall is appalling to say the least. Did you know there is a brown recluse antivenom available in Mexico and Central America that is not available in the US because they (FDA & CDC) do not deem brown recluses a big enough threat to be treated with antivenom? Insurance is the only feasible way to see a doctor, and if you have none, well then the cost is enormous. Don't have a good job? Then we are stuck paying for it for however long it takes. This entire system needs a damn overhaul that would take years to fix.

Good to see people taking on the system with poetry of any capacity. Your talent being put to a social poem? That's great in itself.

P.S. you really want your mind blown? Look up the 'Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment' enacted by the US Public Health Service in the 1920's and 1930's.

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Hayley Taylor

Mon 30th Jul 2018 17:53

For anyone wanting to check the sources, and find out more, watch 'the bleeding edge 'on netflix (documantary) and search for the facebook groups mentioned and read people's true life horror stories.

If anyone wants me to expand further than what i have written in the poem, i can try but it may take time to write up ?

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