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She waits for twelve more minutes,
Raindrops touching the glass windows.
She sits on a bench watching,
People wait for their chosen flights.

Beyond the glass pane she looks,
How the wind collides with the rain,
How he comes without a note,
Walking slowly towards her soul.

The rain continues to pour,
How every wish hopes to come true,
"Where do I go now?" she asks,
While he welcomes her in his arms.

Warmth clothes every wondering,
Each doubt digging in its own grave,
Because together they walk,
And leave footprints along the shore.

The waves calm onto their feet,
How their souls find each other's home,
How their stories are written,
Through a chisel in a stonewood.

"Where do we go now?" she asks,
"I don't know," sealed with his last kiss.
As each tale carves its meaning,
It bleeds every road to nowhere.


#love #romance #dedication #poetry

◄ Jessica

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