Crayon Clouds



Clouds come out

all fluffy and white as popcorn

like balloons in cartoons

they speak to us of

kids in kinder

drawing their first pictures


the beginning of art

their first renderings almost always

sky and clouds

simple things at first

from minds that soon will mushroom

grow overnight

reaching up and out to find

new thoughts as changing as the wind

as colorful as clouds


the teacher gives them all an E

for effort

for their first tries at art

their first attempts at things beyond

Gummy Bears and Legos


taking pencil in hand

and color Crayons

they see what they can draw

drawing from within

we can see now for the first time

what is inside their little minds


we discover

what they imagine

given the opportunity

their first expressions of

who they are

and who they might become.



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Becky Who

Mon 16th Jul 2018 14:56

This is lovely - I can see my kids' drawings as I read!

<Deleted User> (19836)

Mon 16th Jul 2018 13:30

A lovely poem...well done!

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