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In The Light

As it is always been
For the world to see
Crystal ball,
I have been admiring
In the light,
Paths are shown..

The king looks old
Rays of light,
Passing through him
Crown he's been gifted
In the light,
Paths are shown..

Dark clouds,
Cover the light
The winds,
Push them away
Sliver of light,
Comes blazing again
In the light,
Paths are s...

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When I wonder what's wrong
When I think whats going on
A Voice said 'this is what you did
Not much love exists to feed.
Tides will not change the future
Might just believe it, forever
Believed that the eyes I see
Truth in them will set me free.
Taking a huge dose of the drug
Never know what's beneath the rug
Chemical changes inside me
They will not let me be.
Let me be the free bird fl...

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Despair watches me as I smile
Waiting for the moment, silently
One moment of tranquillity I find
Pounces on me like a demon
Devouring the intrails of me
As it slowly poisons my mind
To feed or to be fed to it
I surrender to it, a rotten apple.
Despair watches me as I try smiling again
This time I have a wild thought
Do I surrender again as I did before
Or try to control the urge to lose

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