A series of 11 short poems


End of a Galaxy


A blink

In the silent depth of night



As the last leaf of the beech tree

As the silent tear of my love




End of Harmony


I see her dancing on the sands


I see her                                     as she sees me

and in that moment

sand, sea, sun, surf

vanish in the vortex


our love                                      born in the moment

holds the world

perfectly in place



the sands                                   will no longer hold her dance




End of a Journey


I was the ocean travelled


The sea was our book                                      she was its pen

Did she write of love on its pages

As her ink ran dry?



I do not know                                                   we were one

She was lost in my doldrums




End of the Name


Still it stays on the page hidden amongst the lines

I am the only one

who sees it


as every day                            I hear

a silent song                            raised

to our love


these are mine alone




End of Dreams


Our flesh                        melted

in our flesh -

you sing, I weep

my tears are descant

we are one


Our flesh                        united

in our love -

you rose, I fell 

as the sea receded

we were one


Between your soul and my soul

life shone





End of Love


Lovers lose the present                        we hid the future

in the years                       We painted

our life

my hands were the shore

her breasts the horizon


our flesh was the canvas and our blood the tempera



Every day her soul and her heart called us,

thrusting us forward, thrusting to the future:

we became

rosebuds wilting in the desert sands




End of a Path


Where did the road begin

  our travels stretch out

  on our map?


Did I ink in that distant destination?


Now that the sands have covered her tracks


I wonder

Who did we meet






End of the Moon


Sylph, silver crescent of harvest

we dreamt in your arms


dwelt in your spell:

too long we loved


"The soft light will always

lead you to me" she whispered

and I entered her soul



Night ends at your cleaving

Sylph, sickle of lovers




End of Talk


He does not hear


words        sentences        whispers

hearing hope

I give none

my body broken

in pain



somewhere in my years there are tears


still my blood pulses round

a last breath




End of Sanity


When the cold winds blew her soul from him

he knew that death was a hollow laugh

and love lay in her silent voice


In all the years he has stood naked

on the shore:

his morning

his noon

his night

press cold against his flesh

scourged by her dust




End of the Wind


The last specks of sand touched him

as the sun lit his face

raised to the horizon


later                                         his epiphany

came in the lonely


of the dark night



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