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keith jeffries on Post Diary Blues
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Stephen Gospage on Doctors
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Greg Freeman on Yule
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I try to be things I can't possibly be

Call me an explorer for trying out new things in life

I could try and be a copy of you

But duplicity isn't in my DNA

Emotions suppressed, bottled up

Like foreign species invading me

I become more like you and my originality fades away

A robot is then in my place

Fixing me won't help your case

Two of us in this whole wide world

I ...

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I try to ignore the gaps between us

But I fail miserably

This vacuum too huge and anti-gravity everywhere

When I'm rooted you're soaring

I would be lying if I say it didn't hurt

Cause it hurts like daggers to my heart

We may have our differences

But in the end it's hard to say goodbye

Spaces between us, grins before

Now forced smiles and chuckles

Hoping for the best i...

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relationship breakuplove


Living in my own world

Not giving a damn about anything but me

Call me a self centered freak

But thinking 'bout myself is a good change

When everything revolves around you

Nothing ever done my way

You're on cloud nine with a tiara on your head

I'm on the ground with mascara trails down my cheeks

In this big world with turns and curves

I saw all the ups and downs but more...

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You can be the vision in white

I'll be the contrary

We may work in perfect sync

But we aren't what they call golden


I am a void of emotions

You, a body radiating peace

When I mute to grey

You're a creamy white stain


I'm grateful for you oh heavenly one

You brought out the angels in me

Angels raging with demons

But I am the dictator to regulate these two

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Causing unnecessary chaos

The place which was once my peace stadium

Now a pub of high teenagers and thugs

Smell of pot and weed all over the place

Coughs of exasperation and smoke

A gong sitting with their alpha and weapons

Little black dress, I walk into the room

A cigarette in my hand,unlit keep in mind

Waiting for the time to be right

I shall puff them right outta my ...

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Judging by the hate being reflected

It's almost as if I'm a valley

I try to absorb it all and deflect these rays

But it makes no sense to me

The green part of me accepts this hate

I was once one of you all

I see myself when I look at you load

It's a shame cause I'm just your mirror

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Flustered when you're around

Just your presence intoxicates me

Call me a love sick puppy

And I'll be the one to readily accept it

I know I'm just a shadow of yours

You tower my frame by a good few inches

But in the end of the day I'm just one of your worshippers

Finally took notice of my petite figure

Losing your bad boy vibe, open up your gates

A fire shot in the far di...

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Looking around for a place to fit in

Not a single safe haven in sight

Puffs of annoyance or anger arising from everywhere

But still no glacier to put these out

Check into a hotel of happiness

Or a suite of sadness

Anger building up like strong pillars

Think about it, it's just you finding your place

Right crowd,wrong crowd

They stand straight like two sticks

Ripples c...

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Maybe you mean the whole world for one

A disgusting creature to another

Putting away those nasty souls

I try to search for a silver lining

There are a few who judge me by my weight

Some who see the weight of my heart

If called a mistake or a disappointment

Don't let these little things get to you

I gaze longingly out to the field

Lush green grass which I hoped reflected ...

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Gazing into my eyes with such ferocity

Am afraid I'll melt into a puddle of flesh and bones

The passion like a burning fire behind your eyes

I sadly come back to my personal hell : Reality

When you're down to Earth

1D said you'll know how hard it hurts

They say you know when you're in L-O-V-E

Pepper me with kisses to prove it all

Cliche dates and movie nights

Fancy dinne...

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Hiding behind these thick frames

Shying away from these constant insults

Look down at the floor hoping it would swallow me whole

I look at myself in the mirror and see plain Jane


Back of the class, looking out the window

Nobody to talk to except your book

Every glare, every snide comment

I brush it off like an insect on my shoulder


Cowards check for cuts on my arm


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anorexiabulimiastop the bullying


Looking into the depths of your soul

Your eyes glassy like a window

I try to reach out to you, but as if on cue,

You pull your shades down

You put up a nice facade

Concealing it with your dimpled smiles

You think you hid it well from me

But you'll watch me wreck your walls

Flames of orange and blue dancing in your eyes

Red blazing your skin and forming a silhouette

I ...

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Millions of pieces lying around me
A deep gash slightly towards the left of my chest
I look up at the dark sky cursing Zeus
As toxic beads stream down my face

Another sharp stab to my chest when I hear her sob
Pouring out is black ichor
Call me a demon for shattering her heart
But for our best, I greased our beats

A couple of broken people
All of the gods above looking down at this ch...

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Broken heartsheartbreak


Walking by unnoticed

I ignore the pang in my chest

The occasional pushes and shoves

When I fall nobody cares but when I cry you all laugh

I watch like a hawk

But not trying to catch my prey

To camouflage myself

In the presence of my predator

At one point in my life

I feel myself slipping into oblivion

I try to stay stronger,not for myself

But to show the world, I h...

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poems on bullying


A sense of overwhelming fear

Hovering over me is a dagger

A look of accusation etched upon your face

Beneath me is a throne of glass and thorns

Hollowness is all I feel

No tears, no blood, all that just a trail

With pennies of uncertainty heavy in my pocket

I took a ferry down the river, only for it to reach a fall

I hurtle down to fall into the throne

No longer is the r...

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A little thumping fist

Rhythmically pulsating

With one hand on your chest

Another on your knee crouched over

                                                            Running yet again

                                                            You look back but not front

                                                            A glimmer in the distance


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Pulsing through my veins

Burning up my skin

A tingling in my chest

An explosion to expect

                                       A fire deep within

                                       Waiting to be put out

                                       Flames touching every nerve

                                       Water nor tears can calm it down

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Squirming your way into my heart

Took up a portion and filled it to the brim

Tears well up in my eyes at just the thought of farewell

                                                                        The years we spent together

                                                                        They flew by in a blur


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A darkness envelopes me

I let it succumb me to sleep

I wake up in a dark hole

Only to find it empty

                                      That empty feeling I cannot shake off

                                      Is something coming from my heart

                                      I have a hole in my heart

                                      A dark empty black hole

A ...

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MOVE ON.....
Using for popularity
Using for fame
I am not a trampoline
To be trampled along
All the tears I wasted
I then realised you aren't worth it
You put up quite a show
But I knew you backstage
I thought I knew you inside out
I guess I knew you only front and back
All that glitters may not be gold
But what which glitters can be tears too
They say nothing is as bright as the sun

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