At the A & R in Charing Cross Road

you'd have to mind your P's & Q's


Behave right - no T shirts, jeans or trainers

or it was goodnight

when you hit the long stairs

two floors down to the pavement.


You'd see Ronnie Knight

various heavies, luminaries of street trade,

drinks at bargain prices, 

cash at all times. 


A drummer mate of mine

low of brow, bit simple but brave,

brown eyes that beguiled,

(his sister done time)

sold me some bent gear, top grade stuff.

The fuzz turned a blind eye. 


Round the corner, you could get

Danish porn, behind curtains

on chipboard shelves, easy peasy,

strong stuff and hearty. 

That's the way it was

'til waves went round the law,

greedy bastards spoiled it all. 


Something about public morals I believe. 


At the A & R the word was out,

the Krays still had influence

on the inside, but time rung them out. 


In them times you could park for small change -

happy days. 




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Thu 5th Jul 2018 23:09

Thanks so much Stu. I feel a bit of plonker now, but I had to stand up and express myself. I think you are a wise man, I think you can put ignorance in room 101.

all the best. Ray

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Stu Buck

Thu 5th Jul 2018 17:31

great piece of writing ray. i have no idea about everything else and enjoy keeping myself shrouded in ignorance.

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Thu 5th Jul 2018 17:14

Thanks Suki. Yes, I do appreciate the pressures of time - as I am retired I often come on - that makes me appreciate any comments even more. I do seem an ungrateful wretch now! Re David's blogs, it would be frustrating for him to receive comments to which he could not respond I should imagine.

As there are some really important issues at large in society eg threats to our security; I do find the whole issue of rules on WOL open to endless misinterpretation a little comparable to rules on how to enter a schoolboy competition off the back of a shredded wheat packet. As a fellow musician once said to me "well, we aren't saving lives."

Must be the heat.

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suki spangles

Thu 5th Jul 2018 15:14

Hi there Graham,

Thanks for the clarification.


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Graham Sherwood

Thu 5th Jul 2018 15:06

Suki, it is David’s Wish that his work is not visible whilst his suspension is in place.

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suki spangles

Thu 5th Jul 2018 14:46

Hi there Ray,

David's poetry is some of the best here on WoL. I didn't know of the ban (or the trigger for it), but I'm sure many of us here wish him well. Even if someone is banned it's a shame that we aren't able to read their poetry any longer because of it.

On another note, like Col, I'm not always able to regularly dip into WoL as much as I would like, meaning my feedback to others can be a little tardy. I always read your verse Ray, and when no-one is around at work I even listen to the audio! Keep on truckin'!


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Brian Maryon

Thu 5th Jul 2018 11:18

Ray - I know this is going off topic but as you brought it up...

I had an enormous respect for David's work. He befriended me and we exchanged quite a few private messages. But he has a lot of inner anger and has a tendency to bully people. He publicly ridiculed and abused me and others and I am not sorry he has gone. Clearly his background played a part, but he is intelligent enough to know exactly what he was doing and could have reined it in.

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Thu 5th Jul 2018 10:37

HI folks. I will have to be frank and say I was in a rare mood and hyper sensitive. I too get times where I just can't think of half decent comments, but believe me, support is so important - it is the oxygen of interaction. So thanks so much for lifting me up!

Sadly I feel for my friend David Moore(Wolfgar) who has overstepped himself and received a ban from the site. Those who are stimulated by his work which is often controversial will know that he has a real gift for honesty in relating his experiences in the service of the country. It is hard to imagine how stress can impact on a soul so devoted to free speech and truth, but aren't we all trying to reach out to express ourselves? I won't criticise that decision out of hand, but it saddens me.

I don't want this to turn into the equivalent of a chat show, but the site is like a labyrinth of options, some dead ends and some leading right back to the entrance ; we all seem to be trying to find that sweet spot.

Anya, Suki, Col. Brian I am grateful for your support and probably without you would fall back into the pit of despair (sorry, a bit dramatic.) Re the football Brian: i'm not a follower, but even I was transported by that final penalty! I do think likes are important, so thanks again everyone!!
X to you all.


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Thu 5th Jul 2018 09:28

Hi Ray,

I am always a supporter of yours! Your talent shines!!! I am sorry if I don’t comment. Your words contain everything needed, all what’s important. I don’t want to spoil...

Lots of love!!!!

Anya xxx

<Deleted User> (13762)

Thu 5th Jul 2018 08:02

a lot of paranoia on the site recently Ray - I hope it's not rubbing off on you. I don't think you should read too much into anything. We all do what we can, when we can and as Brian implied, there are distractions, especially in the summer. Personally I'm rushed off my feet right now and have had very little free quality time for my own writing let alone others here on WoL or elsewhere. Hang in there mate. Your writing and audios are a constant pleasure for many and I for one appreciate your past experiences. Keep it real and keep it you - there's no need to colour things up to please imaginary audiences. All the very best, Col.

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suki spangles

Thu 5th Jul 2018 02:26

Fabulous intro and reading Ray. You know you have a supporter here, although I do agree with your observations about pressing the right buttons, so to speak ~ the echo chamber effect. It's just the way it is sometimes.

Keep the faith..



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Brian Maryon

Wed 4th Jul 2018 23:37 again. Is it the lack of comments and likes that concerns you? A lot of other posters would give their eye teeth for three likes.

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Brian Maryon

Wed 4th Jul 2018 23:24

Ray - it's probably the timing...many people were focused on football yesterday evening!

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Wed 4th Jul 2018 22:56

Thanks for the likes Col, Anya and Darren. I might have to rewrite my past to make it more poetic and appealing. It is a harsh lesson that nobody really gives a toss about actual life, just dramatized or airbrushed versions that happen to press all the right buttons. Yes, it's all here folks.


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