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D'you Know What I Mean?

NaPoWriMo Day 2 Prompt: Ends with a question


D’you know what I mean?


Its not like I haven’t not tried

Had I not made it quite unclear

He denied they’d never not lied

Not so deaf as will never not hear


I didn’t not say what it wasn’t before

It wasn’t untrue on the whole

Can’t prove its not wrong or right less or more

Blue sky free fall thinkin’s my role


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Napowrimo 2019

NaPoWriMo day 1

 NaPoWriMo day one. Recipes


"How to make me a man" 


Does anyone know how to make me a man?

I've got all the right parts, tried as hard as I can.

 I never quite get to the masculine heights.

Of being all butch and winning in fights.

I read the MANual. Seen diagrams.

Followed the recipe step by step but


 I still don't like fishing or chasing a bladder. Bar side...

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The Ballad Of Barney Rose (He was a man and he had a nose)

The Ballad Of Barney Rose (He was a man and he had a nose)


There was a man and he had a nose

Not so strange one might suppose

But this chap's nose just grows and grows

And his name was Barney Rose


Pa Rose and Ma they weren't quite sure as they'd never had a baby before

and his schnozzle outgrew him by the age of four

when he started to walk it would drag on the floor


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The F.J. Pettigrew Memorial Bench

The F J Pettigrew Memorial Bench (Swanage July 2018)


Cast iron, he was. Solid. Dependable, completely un-bendable.

Like an Oak. Strong supportive always there unbreakable, ever faithful.


So from cast iron and oak they had a bench built, painted it gloss malachite green, with space for a polished brass plaque.


They spoke of the places he'd been and where he'd have liked t...

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Blubber boy.

He's fallen to his death on his plastic toy sword. 

To number ten from playpen his final reward.

This graceless coup is no coup de grace. 

No comedy of euros,  a cabinet farce, 

an egotistic act from flabby flatulent arse.


He'll be all over telly soon 

our fatty blundering hot air buffoon.

Puffing Shakespeare and Latin.

Please down let that twat in. 

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Boris JohnsonBrexitConservativesEUpolitics

Lioness Laura

Dedicated,  without her knowledge or permission, to Laura Taylor, who gave me the desire to write and perform and the kick up the arse to actually do so.

Lioness Laura (Waitrose staff room Jun '18)

Lioness Laura, she Roars

Fury and Rage fly off the page

Venom and Grit, Bile and Spit

She's a voice of a certain age


Lioness Laura, she Purrs

with Mercy and Charm, Beguiling a...

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I Want a Mechanical Elephant

I Want a Mechanical Elephant

I want a mechanical elephant

I want an atomic car

I want 4 weeks in France

I want a more comfortable bra

I want to be less irrelevant

I want to be a good bet

I want next week's winning numbers

I want to be out of debt

I want to be be someone's someone

The apple of their pie

So deeply in love I'm out of my depth

And that makes me wond...

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