Laying In Ammonia

Boy was 16 and on drugs
He wasn't taking him to get high
He just wanted the fucking die

How much DXM did you have to take before it kills you
How much K2 do you have to smoke before you die
If it didn't kill him he would fuck a dirty girl
Because he was nothing but a slut

Broken in this world all alone
He lost the only human that ever loved him
Now he's bleeding on the ground
Oh boy that razor doesn't love you 

When you turn 21 your find the girl that fixes this
Please don't cry anymore I know it hurts
You been abused by your mother so much
And your father is way too high to give a damn

He just wanted the fucking die
Boy was 16 and on drugs
He wasn't taking him to get high


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Martin Elder

Sun 1st Jul 2018 20:26

Yep drugs are everywhere. Never difficult to find and as has been said so sad that they waste so many lives . A good reminder here Damon
Nice one

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 1st Jul 2018 08:20

a powerful poem on the destructive nature of drugs and the misery inflicted on lives - it is truly disheartening just how readily available substances have become even in small rural towns near where I live. So sad that so many young lives are reduced to this state of existence. C😢L

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