One Knife

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{One Knife} 


One knife


One hell of a

sharp razor blade


One time to place

the blade against

your sorry ass throat

to slowly slide it

across cutting it

deep and deeper

until your blood

pours from your

body as you lay

there violently

shaking in fear

and so much pain

as I am the one

slaying your sorry

ass in vain tonight


One last time to

urinate on your

face and body as

the blood continues

to run from the

cowards veins to

end his lying and

cheating ways as

you are nothing

any more now


and now you can

rot in your own


suffocating hell

where you shall

always dwell at

while you will

burn in hell as I

take my knife to

wipe the blood off

of it so they won't

be no traces of you

period as you will

rot~rot away from

this world in pain

vain you wicked

sumbitch you now

this Boston killer

and strangler will

hide your remains

for no one to ever

find in a deep

watery hole so I

get off with

your murder

while you die

all alone and

ain't it fucking

cold and lonely

to die all alone

now~now hush

my little sumbitch 

you because my

breath will be

what you taste

and smell until

you are

completely dead

in your watery hole

hush~hush now

you are almost






©Tina Glover/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer all rights reserved 2017 but posting here on July 5,2018 

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