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I saw this news the other day

Blatedly, I’m sad to say;

An icon of these days the Lilly

Whites of Tottenham called “Gilly”.


An enigma among the crowd

Who’d never chant his name out loud;

But when retired Gilly’s name

Would echo in their halls of fame;


I’ve heard the crowd jeer more than once.

“You poof, Gilzean”. “Gilzean’s a ponce”

The Tottenham fans did never like a

Fairy-looking, lanky striker.


And even as his biggest fan

He always looked the older man;

Even when he’s in his youth –

The photo here is ample proof.


With sleeves rolled down and balding pate

And tall and thin, the man to hate

When things went wrong for Spurs up front

You’d hear the shouts, “Gilzean’s a cunt”

“Gilzean’s a lanky streak of piss”


But me? I never swallowed this.

For I admired his subtle skills,

Less Dundee’s and more Brazil’s;

Sleight of touch and deft control

To put in others for a goal

Who’d profit from the man in sleeves

The principal of whom was Greaves.


And so it is with no small shame

I see the plaudits for his name

I find this disingenuous and silly

For I stayed true through time to Gilly.




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John Coopey

Sat 28th Jul 2018 00:14

Alan Gilzean indeed, MC. A perfect foil for Jimmy Greaves who, consummate goalscorer that he was, must have bought Gilly’s beer on more than one occasion for setting him up.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 27th Jul 2018 17:10

These lines are very understandable from someone who
clearly is not afraid to "go against the crowd". For my part,
I imagine this refers to Alan Gilzean - and hope I've got
the name replete and right!

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