Take Heart

Take Heart


We have lived a worthy life without any recompense

abided by laws not of our making or doing

Insults and prejudice we have bravely borne

from family and the employees of a bigotted society


Not one foot could be taken without criticism

always held to account by the unaccountable

Victims of our own diminished humanity

we are those who are readily discarded


Time wears thin amid personal torture and pain

some find it intolerable and simply end it all

They cannot be blamed or condemned

as their calibre was of the highest esteem


With immense courage the remnant takes heart

´No more ´ is the cry heard by the self righteous

Determination fuelled by an iron will

we refuse to be demeaned but will fight on


Ignorance is soon met with open courage

fear is abandoned as dirt falls from the soles of our feet

Our moment to emancipate ourselves has come

Body and soul, we will no longer be brow beaten or cast out

◄ The Wall of Prejudice

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keith jeffries

Thu 12th Jul 2018 22:58

M.C., Brian and Don,
Thank you for your comments, especially that of MC which was well put.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 12th Jul 2018 15:14

Among life's majority
Life is seldom easy,
For many a minority:
It's never easy-peasy!
But the example of one
Can influence many a mind,
With prejudice undone
Welcome changes you may find.

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Don Matthews

Tue 10th Jul 2018 04:12

It stirs up the fightingness in me Keith.

I judge all people as follows. We all have different abilities. Just do the best to which you are able. And I am happy.

(typo Keith-3rd line from bottom. rom should be from)

Well done Keith

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Brian Maryon

Mon 9th Jul 2018 23:27

Well done Keith...that's fighting talk!

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