The torture of the Heart

Watching, listening, waiting

An endless unmoving time

Pain thriving within her

Her heart is far from fine.


Feeling, hurting, crying

An endless stabbing pain

Giving up on trying

Her heart so full of strain.


Retching, whimpering, head swirling

An endless wrath of terror

Her fingers clasping, curling

Her heart forever slain.


Calming, numbing, unfeeling

An endless nagging thud

Her emotions shutting off, revealing

Her heart is frozen good.


Falling, stalling, ending

And endless wave of grief

Her soul far from mending

Her heart in disbelief.


Writhing, dropping, unmoving

An endless painful tear

Eyes lifeless and strangely soothing

Her heart no longer there


Watching, listening, waiting

An endless unmoving time

Pain thriving within her

Her heart was ever far from fine.

cryendendlessheartheartbreakhurtlosslost lovelovepainThrowback from college

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Tue 31st Jul 2018 13:58

thankyou anya ?

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Mon 30th Jul 2018 16:33

Thank you every one ? I honestly didnt expect to come home from physio to all these likes and comments ? Shocked that this went down so well.

Though i guess when you over analyse what you're writing in college (aim of the game pretty much), sometimes you forget to look at the positives rather than only the critiques you give yourself. I know a lot of work i wrote back then i tossed to the side, only seeing flaws no beauty. Time to try and find my other USB now hahaha... or will it remain hidden for another 3 years and reveal hidden gems to me when i least expect it? ? ?

I'm so grateful you take the time to read my work, after always being a closet writer, having feedback and knowing people read my work is just amazing to me.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 30th Jul 2018 15:54

It positively heaves emotion. Love it. ?

<Deleted User> (19836)

Mon 30th Jul 2018 14:33

A fantastic poem in which all women, of all ages can most definitely relate to. It's not when you wrote it that matters, it's that you wrote it with such emotion. Well done!❤

Big Sal

Mon 30th Jul 2018 14:08

Time has an uncanny way of peeling the layers off any poem. I have ones I've written years ago that at the time I didn't think were good enough for publication, but now looking back on them, I can confidently say that most of them are being saved for a future anthology which I will surely publish in nostalgia. I look back with fondness on certain ones too, especially if they are good like this one.?

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Mon 30th Jul 2018 13:19

This is a poem I wrote many years ago in college that I have found on my college USB. So weird seeing work you did for the first time in so many years, was never quite happy with it in college. Though i think i'm more fond of this poem than i used to be now haha

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