Sunday morning time

My mind is calmed now 
Just rested today as music plays
The radio emitting nothing thoughts
chilled sounds of  instruments 
Tuned to songs and voices in melancholy talk

Creative mind can awaken now
As a rare creature from its cave
The dangers of crazed crowds
Far away from the this morning 
Sunday's best for breakfast time

6 Music BBC just beats away
A Welsh soft voice DJs to start the day
Poets read, artist talk, stories about 
Gentle thoughts of Jazz inspired
Folk songs and Bowie past records.

#bowieBBCbbc 6 musicCashJazz

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J R Harris

Thu 16th Aug 2018 11:25

Something I can very much relate to - I can't get by without music

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Darren J Beaney

Fri 27th Jul 2018 07:33

nice - radio emitting nothing thoughts is perfect!



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Don Matthews

Thu 26th Jul 2018 23:47


I like your stress-reducing poem. We need more of this in this stress-producing world

Have you heard of the FUN BUS? WOL's super-new stress-deleter. Even Graham can't wait to hop on board, so the gang at FUN BUS HQ must be doing something right. First trip is on today (FUN BUS Trip to Don's Little Toe). Tina and gang say hop on board. (Search FUN BUS tag for all FB activities)

Nice to make your acquaintance

ribbit.....(froggie travels with us Andy)

Don ?

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Martin Elder

Thu 26th Jul 2018 22:38

This is quite a short one for you Andy. Hope the back is recovering O.K. I love these lines

Creative mind can awaken now
As a rare creature from its cave

see you soon


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AM Cash

Thu 26th Jul 2018 20:50

For all those that get stressed through the week x

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