The Sapphire Ashes

The Saphire Ashes. 


Once a beauty,

Fulfilled her duty.

Loved, honoured, devoted,

Salty kisses coated.

His tongue lashes her bruises,

Twisted words falsely accuses.

Cruelty worse than burning blisters,

Marginalised her assisters. 

Covers her in deadly kisses,

His fist rarely misses.



Cracked and broken parts,

Deserved by filthy tarts. 

She glanced at another,

Infidelity to uncover.

Imagination runs wild,

Kicked out unborn child.

Broken bones burnt to dust,

Gone with every bit of trust.

Her smokey eyes sting with tears,

Love extinguished over years.


He waited quietly in her house,

Once her beloved spouse. 

Playing with the lonely match, 

Once her perfect catch.

Now he plans control,

Destructive love took its toll. 

Silently waiting...




She’s home.

He grabs her tight,

Crushes with his might,

Her throat strangled, 

His knife angled.

Broken angel falls,

Death’s freedom calls. 


He burns the goddess, 

Flames lick the lace bodice,

Her flesh withers, 

Tears like rivers. 

Nails black like crow’s eyes, 

Smoke smothers devotees lies.

Smeared red lips melting away.

Begging forgiveness every day.


What has he done?

A beloved son.

His mother’s pride.

Now a dead bride. 

He needed her gone. 

A pile of sapphire dust. 

Once the object of his lust. 

His obsessive streak, 

Exquisiteness made weak.

Not his fault at all.

Had to answer her siren’s call.   










Murder death love

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 25th Jul 2018 08:44

you always manage to get under the skin of your characters Louise - a poet with a forensic touch. It's quite disturbing as a crime horror scene but the rhythm and rhyme keeps the reader engaged. Col.

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Darren J Beaney

Tue 24th Jul 2018 16:04

for what it is worth, top marks from me Louise.



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Louise Hogg

Tue 24th Jul 2018 12:04

This is a return to my previous style, by previous I mean pre-stroke. I now have to use assisted technology to write and it’s much more challenging without a pen. This has taken some courage to write and post. Please be kind.

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