Shit. Excuse Expletive

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Shit. Excuse Expletive


Shit. Excuse expletive

Standing in the shower

Verse from heaven falls down

Gem. A little flower


Shit. Excuse expletive

Rubbing bod with soap

Hanging on to flower

Tied it with a rope


Shit. Excuse expletive

Hopping out the shower

Hanging on so preciously

To my little flower


Shit. Excuse expletive

Towelling outer/unner

Now where's my little flower ?

Shit. She's done a runner


Don Matthews June 2018



I did eventually capture my little runaway. She's now captured in a poem. No escape.


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Thu 5th Jul 2018 23:40

Poetry for effect and effective for that reason Don. Bit too clever for me, but a cross dresser waving a knife would have set it on fire. Sorry, can't deal with showers any more.


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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Jul 2018 11:57

Shit. Excuse expletive
Anya you're a charm
A real beaut me supporter
Spreading round my warm

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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Jul 2018 11:14

Brian - I've forgotten where I put my little runaway flower. Shit 😎

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Brian Maryon

Thu 5th Jul 2018 09:28

When are we going to hear the little flower then Don? Hope it was a flower and not a weed in disguise. (lol)

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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Jul 2018 05:12

It's interesting. I was saying shit to myself but apologising to you for having to read it. The line had a 'nice' ring to it, hence repeated, and left a continuing puzzle, the meaning of which only came to light in the last line reveal.

BTW A true story

D 😎

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