Shit. Excuse Expletive

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Shit. Excuse Expletive


Shit. Excuse expletive

Standing in the shower

Verse from heaven falls down

Gem. A little flower


Shit. Excuse expletive

Rubbing bod with soap

Hanging on to flower

Tied it with a rope


Shit. Excuse expletive

Hopping out the shower

Hanging on so preciously

To my little flower


Shit. Excuse expletive

Towelling outer/unner

Now where's my little flower ?

Shit. She's done a runner


Don Matthews June 2018



I did eventually capture my little runaway. She's now captured in a poem. No escape.


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Thu 5th Jul 2018 23:40

Poetry for effect and effective for that reason Don. Bit too clever for me, but a cross dresser waving a knife would have set it on fire. Sorry, can't deal with showers any more.


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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Jul 2018 11:57

Shit. Excuse expletive
Anya you're a charm
A real beaut me supporter
Spreading round my warm

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Thu 5th Jul 2018 11:36

Good one! X

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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Jul 2018 11:14

Brian - I've forgotten where I put my little runaway flower. Shit 😎

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Brian Maryon

Thu 5th Jul 2018 09:28

When are we going to hear the little flower then Don? Hope it was a flower and not a weed in disguise. (lol)

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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Jul 2018 05:12

It's interesting. I was saying shit to myself but apologising to you for having to read it. The line had a 'nice' ring to it, hence repeated, and left a continuing puzzle, the meaning of which only came to light in the last line reveal.

BTW A true story

D 😎

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Thu 5th Jul 2018 03:27

This is creepy. I know people that go mental if you swear in their presence yet they say shit compulsively.
It's like the dichotomy of writing something over and over and apologising for it every time.

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