Trumps Planned Visit to UK

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Trumps Planned Visit to UK


Trump the leader of the States

Will soon visit UK

But people there don't want him

They say don't come, stay 'way


They say this is because of what

He's done, and wants to do

They don't impress him as a leader

And neither do I too


His planned trip to the Palace

Is gone, quite dead and buried

Instead, he'll tea, and visit Queen

At Windsor, safely ferried


He's meeting with the PM, May

At her estate the Chequers

Avoiding London township

And all it's protest peckers


Mr Trump and Mrs May

Once said their bond was special

But since inauguration

It's changed, it's now quite stressful


Golly gosh! What's this I see

A picture in our paper

A blimp of Baby Trumpy

A London Trumpy caper?


The leader of the USA

A man who's always prowling

Will soon be mocked in London by

A nappied baby howling


Don Matthews July 2018


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Don Matthews

Tue 10th Jul 2018 00:53

Every person, be they politician or not has good points and bad points. We need to dwell on their good points while not necessarily ignoring their bad points. Trump has heavily divided people by his actions. My poem was based on a report from our local paper.


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M.C. Newberry

Mon 9th Jul 2018 17:04

I think you'll be OK here with anything having a pop at those who don't display immediate empathy and interest
in the many causes and complaints that gain media
interest nowadays and appeal to the disaffected and (in
their minds) downtrodden among us.
The office of president in the USA is the equivalent of head
of state and that alone deserves the courtesy and respect
due to our greatest friend and ally in peace and war...with
all its faults. Trump came from a business background, not
a political one and it shows in his attitudes and outspoken
views. He has set out to achieve what he promised - something unheard of in the political never-never land of
promises and good intentions. For that alone, he is
worthy of a polite well-mannered reception here when
our own politicians seem increasingly divorced from the
people they supposedly represent.

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Don Matthews

Mon 9th Jul 2018 13:21

But Brian have you forgotten
We're open minded here
We take all kinds of 'pinions
Depression right to cheer

You're quite welcome expressing
Whatever you feel like
Just sorry I can't join you
For some open mic.


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Don Matthews

Mon 9th Jul 2018 13:06

Thanks Keith

I's nice to have lighthearted
Ness up on our site
Makes us all feel warm and fuzzy
Nice and fuzzy light

Think I'm getting carried
'Way with fuzziness
Have to sort my brain out
And clear out all the mess


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Brian Maryon

Mon 9th Jul 2018 13:06

I will get myself into trouble with most WOLers no doubt but I'm actually a supporter of Trump. I like that he takes action...I don't necessarily agree with his methods.

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keith jeffries

Mon 9th Jul 2018 12:48

Thank you for a good light hearted poem.

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Don Matthews

Mon 9th Jul 2018 11:35

Brian - I trust you'll be waving your little flag when donald touches down on the tarmac?

I can see our Brian
Waving little flag
Thinking to himself
Whatta bloody drag


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